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Shuffleboard Tables

Shuffleboard Buyers Guide SEE ALL POSTS >
Shuffleboard Buyers Guide SEE ALL POSTS >
Shuffleboard Buyers Guide SEE ALL POSTS >
Shuffleboard Buyers Guide SEE ALL POSTS >
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Shuffleboard Tables

If You Have a Sports Bar Shuffleboard is a Great Addition

Bar Shuffleboard A Great Addition Every business person is always looking for ways to enhance…

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Shuffleboard Accessories Enhance Your Playing Experience

Shuffleboard Accessories There are a number of shuffleboard accessories available to keep your table in…

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Ultimate Game Room with Rock-Ola Classic American Made Shuffleboard

McClure Tables delivered and installed two tables in Fort Wayne, Indiana today. At McClure Tables,…

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Introducing Our Tournament II Shuffleboard Table

Did you know our Tournament II shuffleboard table is made in several different wood combinations…

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Shuffleboard Tables Custom Made out of Barn Wood

We first started this table with the first photo shot here 100 year old plus…

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A Guide To Shuffleboard Sizes And Your Home

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive at McClure Tables is “How much…

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A Trip Through Time: Grand Rapids Furniture History

Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the most well known places for furniture manufacturing in…

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McClure Tables Approved: Made in Michigan Stocking Stuffers

In this edition of McClure’s “Made in Michigan” series, we’re taking a look at stocking stuffer…

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Choosing the Right Shuffleboard Wax For Your Table

Like the size of a shuffleboard table and the pucks being used, the wax applied…

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