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How to Wax a shuffleboard for Game Play

How do you wax or prepare a brand new shuffleboard table for game play? You will find standard maintenance advise about using vinegar and water or Murphy’s soap. Then waxing or buff board with a paste wax. This is steps required to maintain and try to get an old board into playing condition. You may have a lot of grease build up from years of spray silicone, or perhaps some old paste wax build up. The purpose of a heavy duty cleaner or steps like these are for prepare an old board to get ready for a game of shuffleboard. So what do you do with a new McClure Handcrafted shuffleboard table you just got and are ready to play.
We recorded these three short videos and shared on our Facebook page about how you would go about prepare the board. The first step is you may have some packing dust from our warehouse and may want to just buff with a damp rag or we often use window cleaner like Windex. You have to think of the new maple play board has a traditional finish that will last a lifetime for home use, but this is basically a thin coating of a plastic protectant. So the top is like or similar to a formica or solid surface counter top. So just keep the dust off and occasionally if you build up some silicone you can wipe down or spray with window cleaner to get a clean new top ready to play like new.
So Step One is spray on a coat of McClure Shuffleboard Silicone spray by McClure Tables.

Spray Shuffleboard Silicone Spray

Now your next step is buff the silicone out so your board feels slick and you can feel the cloth cotton towel sliding or glide across the board with no friction

Step Two: Buff Silicone for Shuffleboard Table out

.The Last and final step before your ready for an exciting game of shuffleboard on a handcrafted McClure Table is apply the shuffleboard Wax, This is often the most confusing term for people as you would think of something like car wax or polish. However it is more the sand, salt or dust it is a powder we spread on like a lite snow fall to give a surface for the pucks to slide on top of. Do not apply shuffleboard table wax too thick or your pucks will plow.

How to Apply Shuffleboard Table Wax

If you want to learn more about shuffleboard game rules or how to play the Shuffleboard  see our video.

6 thoughts on “How to Wax a shuffleboard for Game Play

  1. Dan says:

    When you begin and you brush off the old wax, do you then vacumn it out of the sides?

    1. Todd McClure says:

      Hi Dan

      Yes you should sweep off the old wax to get ready for a new game. You can let it build up in the side gully of the shuffleboard table but occasionally you should vacuum the carpet side aprons on your shuffleboard table.

  2. John Rugani says:

    I have an issue with our weights plowing the wax and leaving voids. Once the weight moves over these spots again they slow down almost to a complete stop. The same problem happens on the board where the weights are thrown from. The wax seems to get pushed aside. This problem is even worse when silicon is used????

    What can i do to stop this????

    50 year old american shuffleboard 26′ 8″ long playing area
    Finish is good poly top coat

    1. Todd McClure says:

      I would consider trying different wax here first and silicone spray, then possible you need new pucks.

  3. Eric Williamsone says:

    One question I have is for ongoing
    maintenance. After the initial application, you have clumpings and areas of wax powder buildup and dead spots. What is the best way of retreating the surface? Does one brush off the surface so that it is clean? Then apply a fresh silicone spray and more wax?

    1. Todd McClure says:

      The clumping areas are usually tracking or plowing of the pucks through too much powder. Your solution of brush off and apply more wax is correct silicone can be applied more sparingly like one time per week or month depending on your play.

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