A Case for Soundproofing Your Game Room

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When you begin dreaming up a game room for your home, chances are you’ll probably start out thinking big instead of considering some very important specifics. One of the most overlooked details that people regret not considering before installing loud entertainment systems and noisy arcade games is sufficient soundproofing.

Like any exciting activity, table shuffleboard has the tendency to spawn raucous cheering, laughter, and playful fighting amongst participants. And, although no louder than many standard arcade games, the weights used on your shuffleboard aren’t soundproof when they are lagging down the main alley of the table.

McClure shuffleboard tables are crafted out of the finest quality Michigan Maple, which means these tables extremely durable and will last your family through many exciting shuffleboard matches. Maple, however, is known for its acoustic quality, as it is used to make fine instruments like violins and pianos, so the noise of the gameplay may need to be deadened if your game room is located near someones bedroom.

There are several easy solutions to all of this that will make your game room a wonderful place without annoying people in other parts of the house. First of all, you can employ sound dampening tiles on the flooring in your game room that will absorb acoustic reverberations. These kinds of tiles can be store-bought, state-of-the-art equipment, or simple thick foam squares that you can purchase on the cheap.

If you already have a thickly carpeted space to set up your game room, you can better the spaces acoustics by going crazy with wall hangings. One solution, whether you have windows in the space or not, is hanging heavy drapes along the walls at various points to help trap in loud noise.

By making sure your game room is soundproof, you can get as rowdy as you like.

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