A Look at the Different Holidays Taking Place throughout May

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In most parts of the country, it is finally beginning to feel like springtime, as the snow that lingered in many northern states finally melts and people at last feel comfortable going outside. One of the hallmark holidays this month is Mother’s Day, a celebration dedicated to showing mom how much you care during a time of year when spirits are especially high as a result of the gorgeous weather. This isn’t the only reason to celebrate during May, as this month is filled with official and unofficial celebrations that all have a connection to the wonderful onset of spring.

Spring is Here!

May 1, for example, is May Day, a holiday with origins in Northern Europe that involves going outside and celebrating the return of blooming flowers and shorts weather. While this holiday doesn’t have a specific call for celebration attached to it, festivities are held across the United States and other nations throughout the Northern Hemisphere that involve dancing around the Maypole and delivering flower baskets to strangers.

The only Federal Holiday observed in May comes at the tail end of the month. Memorial Day takes place on May 27, and honors those who have fought in the U.S. Armed Forces, usually involving families coming together and paying their respects at parades, cemeteries and during backyard barbecues.

If you and your loved ones are coming together at any point to celebrate one of these great May holidays, consider taking steps to plan extra special festivities during this year’s celebration. While you should definitely take advantage of the warm spring weather while you can, once the sun goes down, bring your party inside and plan a shuffleboard tournament between the whole clan on your McClure shuffleboard table.

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