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A Quick Guide to Dive Bars with Table Shuffleboard

When some people hear the word dive bar, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a friendly game of shuffleboard amongst like-minded individuals. The scene at most dive bars consists of sticky floors, cheap bears, and free popcorn or peanuts, which to some may seem too low-brow, but to others, this is exactly what they want out of their nightlife.

Over the past few years, dive bars have become a destination of sorts, attracting tourists and regulars alike to the dark tap rooms across the country that promise an experience you won’t forget. The badge gets thrown around rather frequently these days, however, with places claiming to be dive bars that are actually just Disney-world versions of the real thing.

Some of the best dive bars in the country have a lot more going for them than just the promise of at least one good story before the night is over. True dive bars offer patrons competition, where bets can be made over who buys the next round after a rigorous game of beer-goggled shuffleboard.

For residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul hoping to partake in a game of shuffleboard with a grizzled veteran of one of the city’s more notorious dives, look no further than Indeed Brewing. This corner bar features a magnificent shuffleboard table in its somewhat cramped corners, as well as a selection of beers on tap that were brewed in house – not too shabby for a dive.

In Los Angeles, The Daily Pint is a notorious haunt of area intellectuals and notorious imbibers such as Charles Bukowski. With a shuffleboard table among the many attractions complementing this space’s surprising selection of whiskeys and scotches, this is one dive that should not be missed.

Dumperfoo in Phoenix, Arizona is the perfect hangout for people who love cheap beer, shuffleboard, and hip-hop all in equal measure. A relatively new dive bar, Dumperfoo has already distinguished itself from other drinking establishments in the area.

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