A Scoreboard Will Help Complete the Look of Your Newly Cleaned Shuffleboard Table

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We’ve talked about spring cleaning before on this blog and how it is extremely important for homeowners to air out their homes as the seasons turn. While many parts of the country are still wrestling with snow on their front lawns and below-freezing temperatures outside, it may still be a few weeks before many homeowners actually go about opening up their windows and letting the sun shine in. However, you can still plan ahead for the good weather and hopefully shake off that seasonal depression that has been plaguing you for the past few months.

To really change your attitude, start by planning the most fun portion of your spring cleaning – your game room. We’ve discussed the best way to go about cleaning not only your furniture and carpets, but also how to maintain your shuffleboard after a long winter of heavy use with the help of wax powder and silicone spray. After you’ve improved the playing surface of your tables main alley, now may be the perfect time to think about actually enhancing the board and not just maintaining it.

When you invite your friends and neighbors over after a long day of playing in the backyard and soaking up the sun, you can end your nights with an exciting shuffleboard tournament. What tournament would be complete without a scoreboard? This way, you can play like the pros and actually keep an official score instead of just keeping mental tallies. While a scoreboard is mostly decorative, it will be perfect if you have a large group of friends over to play and not everyone can see the table.

Treat yourself while you’re waiting for it to actually finally feel like spring outside by buying a scoreboard for your table today.

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