A Workplace Shuffleboard League Really Brings the Office Together

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Across the country, employers are loosening up about office conduct, as studies have shown that a more relaxed workplace leads to more employee productivity. Now, instead of the semi-casual Friday being the only day of the week where coworkers let loose, many of the more cutting-edge corporations are letting their employees dress comfortably every day of the week, and are even bringing games like shuffleboard, pinball, and billiards into the break rooms of their corporate headquarters.

If you own your own business, why not make work a little more fun by incorporating a game room into your office? You don’t have to create an entire arcade for coworkers, but provide a few games so that employees can blow off steam when work becomes too much and build up better office relationships by participating in a little bit of friendly competition.

While there are many team building activities that can help bring an office closer together, a friendly competition involving table shuffleboard is an even better way to actually get your whole team involved. While you should encourage coworkers engage one another on the shuffleboard table during their break times, organize a weekly official office-wide tournament after work a night so that everyone can get to know each other a little better.

Depending on the size of your office, create a bracket like you would for your recent March Madness pool and have teams essentially break up into leagues and play simple rounds of knock-off to determine those who will compete in the main match.

For the grand finale, play a more complicated game like Crazy Eight or Horse Collar that will really test the skills of your office’s greatest shuffleboard competitors.

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  • Ashley Estrin

    I am looking for a reasonably good price for a shuffleboard for our office in Santa Monica, CA.

    Can you help me with this?

    • Todd McClure

      Try our overstock site McCluretables.net

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