Advantages of On-Demand Manufacturing

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The general concept behind on-demand manufacturing is that a product isn’t made until a customer orders it. There are some slight disadvantageous to this for the customer such as longer production and delivery times or even a slightly higher price. However, the benefits to products that are manufactured on-demand are significant. Typically the customer receives a higher-quality good and improved customer service. At McClure tables, we’d refer to our process as on-demand handcrafting as all of our shuffleboards are created by hand and to order. With this in mind, we wanted to take some time to explain on-demand manufacturing and how it compares to mass production.

Photo taken during a Galt Shuffleboard Table Build

Benefits from On-Demand Manufacturing

There are several advantages of on-demand manufacturing for both the seller and the buyer. For the company producing the goods, there is less of a need for storing massive quantities of finished goods, and the costs associated with making something are directly attributed to a sale (you’re only making what has been paid for). The customer benefits from receiving a highly personalized buying experience and a product that has been specifically crafted for them. The purchased item is typically made from high-quality resources or ingredients resulting in a better finished product.


The Disadvantages On-Demand Manufacturing

Everything has a cost at some point. If you are purchasing a product that is being crafted specifically for you, you are going to wait longer to receive it. In a world dominated by 2-day shipping, waiting even a week for your products can feel like a long time. Price can also be a bit higher, but that is debatable. We’d argue that finding the same high-quality and handcrafted merchandise would be impossible to find for a lower price.

200% Apples-to-Apples Price-back Guarantee
We won’t upcharge you to cover the costs for marketing companies, local distributors, or retailers because we don’t have a retail mark up or MAP pricing. There are no middlemen so the quality of workmanship and dignity of the craftsmanship are preserved. If you can find a table like our model, with the same materials and quality of workmanship, anywhere else in the world at a lower price then we’ll refund your purchase 200%


The Cost of Saving

When a company mass-produces a product, they are taking advantage of economies of scale. The more raw product they buy the less each individual unit costs. The lower a product costs to make, the lower it can be priced. However, there are hidden costs to low-priced products that you might not be thinking about.

First, the product itself is produced on an assembly line designed to be as efficient as possible. Efficiency often times does not equal quality. The goal with an assembly line is to manufacture something as quickly and cost-efficient as possible, not to make it the best product possible.

Second, there are costs to the manufacturer for showcasing their goods through online retailers like Amazon and even on physical shelves. Those costs are baked into the price a customer pays. In essence, you’re paying for fees that have nothing to do with how the product is made.

So, when you purchase a mass-produced item, are you really saving?

A Note on How We Do Things…

At McClure Tables, we handcraft every single shuffleboard table that we sell. When you buy a McClure Shuffleboard, you can only buy it from us; there is no middle man. Even our “stock” inventory has been 100% handcrafted using the same exact process as our custom tables. If you have questions, you communicate directly with our woodshop and the people crafting your shuffleboard table. You’ll always receive the highest quality shuffleboard table and excellent customer service, that’s our promise.

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