An Overview of the Best Ways to Soundproof Your Game Room

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The game room has the potential to be one of the rowdiest areas of the house, as the activities that take place in this area are designed to promote fun so that members of your family can easily blow off some steam after a hard day at work. This is especially true of game rooms that feature furniture like billiards or shuffleboard tables, since playing these games often results in not only high spirits as part of the friendly competition but also excited cheering, which results in high vocal volumes.

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As well, the fine Michigan maple that many of the shuffleboard tables made by McClure Tables are made out of is renowned for its acoustic qualities. This is why maple has long been a staple material used to build musical instruments like pianos and other stringed items because they allow  notes to resonate and fill a room. As a result, when you slide a shuffleboard puck down the lane of one of our tables, you’ll get that signature shuffleboard rumble that is a key part of the shuffleboard competition experience.

So before you start playing your brand new McClure Tables shuffleboard, consider the acoustic affect playing in your game room will have on the living experience in the rest of your house. For example, the placement of your game room may have seemed like a good idea when you decided to build this kind of space in your home, but you may have unintentionally placed it above or next to a bedroom where the inhabitant will likely be a little peeved to be awoken during a late-night game of Horse Collar.

Once you have located a space that everyone in the house can agree upon to place your new shuffleboard table, you’ll still likely need to take steps to make this room as sound proof as possible so that you’ll be able to enjoy your activity center at all times of the day and night.

Begin by laying down plush carpeting that has high fibers so that as noise reverberates throughout the space, the flooring will help absorb the sound waves and muffle them instead of sending them bouncing throughout the room.

To successfully make your game room as sound-proof as possible, you will need to be sure that you have as few flat surfaces in the room to make sure that sound waves don’t travel throughout the room but instead get muddied up as much as possible. One way to do this is incorporate as much plush furniture throughout the place . Instead of hard stool, place fabric-covers arm chairs all over the space so that the place is not only sound proof, but extremely comfortable.

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