Bring “Downton Abbey” to Your Game Room by Purchasing the Edmore Shuffleboard Table

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It seems that the newest guilty pleasure to be taking the nation by storm is the unlikely smash-hit PBS drama, Downton Abbey. Although Masterpiece Classics has been on air for decades, the program has never had its pulse on the mainstream so much as it does today. The show has made fans out of demographics that had previously never watched PBS before, regardless of age or gender.

One of the things that makes the show so interesting is the life of leisure enjoyed by the Grantham family, who have lived in the fictional Downton Abbey for generations. Set in the Jazz Age, the Abbey is filled with grand parlors, a masculine library for Lord Grantham, and a few grand ballrooms.

Although shuffleboard was developed in the pubs of old England and not necessarily in the country estates of nobility, you can still give your home a parlor or library the elegant and exciting feel of Downton Abbey while incorporating your favorite game.

Line at least one wall in the game room with books, or at least the appearance of them, just like Lord Grantham’s study. If you have a big collection already, fill up your shelves with all of your favorite titles. Should you just want the appearance of an expansive library, consider just painting the wall to look like it has a series of shelves holding a rich collection. Secondhand bookstores can also be a great resource for finding older titles for less money, if you’re feeling ambitious enough to make the trip.

A model like the Edmore shuffleboard table sold by McClure Tables is the perfect design for a game room that evokes the roaring ’20s. A richly stained wood like chestnut or mahogany will help establish the classic feel of the space.

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