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Wax on wax off shuffleboard tables

Wax on, Wax off,” Mr. Miyagi instructed his young protégé, Daniel, in the movie “The Karate Kid.” If only Mr. Miyagi knew that with shuffleboard tables, there is no wax on Wax off. It’s more sprinkle wax on then take the Shuffleboard table sweep and brush the excess Wax off.

Many people are not aware that there are four (4) wax speeds to choose from shuffleboards. Not all speeds of Wax are created equally. For example, Speed 4 is best for shuffleboards that are between 9 feet shuffleboard tables to 12 feet shuffleboard tables in length.

While 12-Foot Shuffleboards and 14-foot long shuffleboard Tables, Speed 3 shuffleboard wax is ideal. Depending on your board finish and pucks, you may find some overlap in these recommended speeds. Speed 2 Wax will work best on 16-foot Shuffleboard tables or 18-foot long shuffleboards.

The best Wax for the longboards, we would recommend Speed 1 shuffleboard wax. For 20-foot shuffleboard tables or 22-shuffleboard tables, use Speed 1 Wax. The official tournament size is the 22-foot shuffleboard table length. The 22-foot shuffleboard table is the size table you would find in most commercial locations, clubs, or bars.

Shuffleboard Wax is available by the 24-pound buckets Speed 1 wax for a more economical solution for clubs or shuffleboard leagues. One thing that is often confusing about Shuffleboard Wax is the term Wax. People often think it is like a paste wax or something you buff on the shuffleboard table. When we use the term wax, we mean the powder or often called dust or salt. The Wax is the stuff you sprinkle on the table, and the puck slides on top of the Wax, not on the playboard itself.

Wax is available in yellow or brown, with the primary difference the base that regulates the speed. The brown Wax uses crushed nutshells. If you have any nut allergies in your family, use the yellow Wax. The yellow Wax uses Corn Meal, and one disadvantage is that during humid days, the Corn Meal can absorb some moisture and affect Wax’s speed.

One other misconception is how to use the Wax for tournament play. They Wax a board only at the start of one game, and it is not allowed to spread out more powder or shuffleboard wax during the gameplay. In Shuffleboard Tournaments, they allow a lot of Wax to gather in the gutter, and it is allowable for the shooter to throw Wax by the hand from the Wax that gathers in the gutter at the end of the shuffleboard table. At the end of each game, you would use a shuffleboard table board sweep to clean the board free of all Wax and start over with Wax’s new light coat. To see more on how to wax a shuffleboard table, see this post here.

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Shuffleboard Table for your Gameroom. Same Fun!

New Normal. Same Fun!

During these uncertain times of restrictions and new normal’s, it is comforting to have the same fun with family and friends.

Shuffleboard is a game that originated in 15th century England when locals would slide a sizeable British coin down a long smooth table.

Not much has changed in 2020, today people slide round weighted objects called pucks down a long smooth wooden table. Shuffleboard is a game that you can have the same fun playing elbow to elbow or socially distant too.

We have board lengths ranging from 12 feet to 22 feet in length, and standing 6 feet apart is no problem.  

Prepare your home for the next time you’re locked in due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances by adding one of these great handcrafted shuffleboard tables to your game room.

Tournament 2 Deluxe

Tournament 2 Deluxe Shuffleboard

This Shuffleboard is in our vintage series and is an upgraded model of our classic Tournament II shuffleboard table that features trim made with two-tone wood combinations. Using the finest craftsmen and locally-harvested hardwoods starting from scratch, we create each shuffleboard table in our workshop.

The Tournament II with Trim was an idea we got from one of our customers. It is kind of a take-off on the classic original Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Tables. The customer called it the poor man’s Rock-Ola Shuffleboard.

Rock-Ola Shuffleboard series

McClure Tables is the exclusive manufacture of original Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Tables.

The classic Jukebox manufacture made shuffleboard tables in two years, 1948 and 1949, and then ran into a patient dispute with American Shuffleboard Company over the use of climate adjusters.

The popularity of shuffleboards declined, and Rock-Ola stopped manufacturing tables in 1949.

They never did file a trademark on their classic design or the Rock-Ola shuffleboard table, and McClure Tables is the owner of that Trademark today.

Authentic Rock-ola

Many companies make a similar style to the Rock-Ola, but only McClure Tables makes original authentic Rock-Ola tables today even better than the originals.

Today we use premium hardwoods like Hard Rock Maple, Walnut, or American Cherry to make the Rock-Ola Shuffleboard cabinets.

We want to highlight the Rock-ola Walnut shuffleboard table. It’s made with the same techniques as the classic Rock-Ola tables and with better materials.

Call McClure tables at 844-579-2922 to support a small company Handcrafted in Michigan Made in America Shuffleboard Tables.

Although there is a new normal, you can still have the same fun playing Shuffleboard in your new home.

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Labor Day 2020 A Tribute To American Worker Celebrate with American Made Shuffleboard Tables.


Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions of the American Worker. Did you know that a Carpenter started labor Day? Peter J McGuire a Carpenter and labor union leader, was the person who came up with the idea for Labor Day. He thought the American workers should be honored with their own day. He proposed the idea to New York’s Central Labor Union early in 1882, and they thought the holiday was a good idea.

We seem to have forgotten the labor in America that produces stuff, not just assembles things. At McClure Tables, we could not do what we do without the work of our craftsmen. We have four master Craftsmen that three would be journeymen carpenters, and one is a finish master technician. In Celebrating the American worker, you may be proud to know that all our workers make carpenters Union hourly salaries. We have no nonskilled workers or factory assembly line workers that handcraft our Shuffleboard Tables. The same craftsmen who built your table also sanding of the cabinet and maybe the one who does the final packing and carpet

Many of the companies who claim to Make American Made Shuffleboard tables are like so much manufacturing in America anymore they don’t make anything. They assemble it. You will find virtually every Pool Table, Billiard Manufacture, and Game Table manufacture now also offers shuffleboard tables in their Game table offerings. However, do they make all the parts or build the cabinet? Most of them create the cabinets and buy the butcher block Shuffleboard Playing surface. Some even import many of their cabinets and parts.

If you already own a McClure Shuffleboard Table, the team of craftsmen thanks you for your support. Perhaps you can share our Labor Day sale event with a friend or neighbor, and if you need some shuffleboard table supplies they are on sale for our annual Labor Day sale event.

McClure Tables Started in the Gameroom business as a retail dealer of all this type of Gameroom Equipment. We eventually expanded into contract manufacturing and then settled in on exclusively manufacturing American Made Shuffleboard tables over ten years ago. One of the coolest parts of focusing only on the Shuffleboard tables is 90% of everything we make starts with locally grown harvested and kiln-dried hardwoods. We source our Hard Michigan Maple to make our play boards from local sources, and from the area where the tree grows to where the American Made Shuffleboard Table is crafted is less than 150 miles. So as we celebrate this labor day in 2020, keep in mind the American Worker and how you can support that worker buying not just American Made but American Crafted products. Products made from scratch using raw materials are locally crafted with small shops and sold directly to the consumer. Just buying something with the American Flag and a sign that says made in the USA may not be supporting the American worker. You may help lower-wage assembly jobs, not high skilled labor like journeymen carpenters. See some of our woodworkers and artisans in action below. As always, to honor this celebration, McClure Handcrafted Shuffleboard Tables are on sale for Labor Day going on now through September 14th. See our inventory of In Stock Labor Day Sale Shuffleboard Tables here.

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Shuffleboard News Shuffleboard Tips & Tricks

Behind The Design of Shuffleboard Weights

Shuffleboard weights were not always the sleek and balanced pucks you see today. The earliest versions of what would later become shuffleboard didn’t use discs at all, nor did they have the finely crafted shuffleboard tables we know and love today. We do know that the origins of the game date all the way back to 15th century England, and shuffleboard weights have naturally evolved numerous times since then.

Before there was shuffleboard, there was a little game called shove-groat. The shape of future shuffleboard weights was born out of this game in which players used coins rather than the disc shaped weights of today. These coins were known as groats, hence the name. The groats were slid across a polished tabletop for position and points. William Shakespeare even made a reference to the game in Henry IV, when Falstaff says, “Quoit (i.e. throw) him down, like a shove-groat shilling.” Shove-groat was played by nearly everyone (aristocracy and peasants alike), and gambling often ensued as well.

Shuffleboard continued to evolve into the 16th century. Although at this time coins were still being used for shuffleboard weights, the name of the game changed to shoveboard, and eventually shovelboard. The game was especially fashionable during the Tudor period. English high society played on colossal shuffleboard tables, sometimes even as long as 30 feet. These days, 30 feet would exceed regulation size. The largest McClure tables run up to 22 feet, though, which isn’t much smaller than the tables beloved by royalty.

At this point in the trajectory of the game, a more intricate system of scoring was established. Markings on the table, the precursor to today’s scoring sections, dictated how many points to award for coins that landed in certain areas. Many shovelboard games at the time still employed the use of coins, but shuffleboard weights were about to change. Some players began to replace the coins with metal weights instead. They would attempt to get these metal weights as near to the other end of the table as was possible without the weights falling off. Sound familiar?

By the early 1800s, English society had left shovelboard in the lurch. It didn’t take long, however, for the game to experience a resurgence. It was reintroduced in the mid-1800s and early 1900s, when British colonists transported the game to America. During this time period artfully handcrafted shuffleboard tables began to appear. More sophisticated tables would soon call for more sophisticated shuffleboard weights, as well.

Shuffleboard reached the peak of its popularity after World War II, when soldiers spread their enjoyment of the game all across the country. Some of the biggest shuffleboard tournaments ever held occurred at this time. The original boards were 32 feet long, even larger than the tables of Tudor, but were subsequently shortened to 28 and then to 22 feet. Up until then, shuffleboard weights were made out of heavy brass. It was at this point that they were redesigned to the smooth stainless steel models that we now use today.

Shuffleboard weights now come in two basic sizes. Regulation size shuffleboard weights are 2 and 5/16 inches in width. These are considered large pucks and usually used on tables 14 feet or longer. Medium pucks are only slightly smaller, coming in at 2 and 1/8 inches wide, and usually used on shuffleboard tables 12 feet or shorter. Particularly skilled players have also been known to use these on tables 14 feet or longer.

Most weights have a crowned bottom, but some have a flat bottom. All pucks have thumb pushoffs in the center. Modern shuffleboard weights are generally made from stainless steel with colored plastic tops. The most common colors are red and blue, although you will sometimes see other custom colors as well. Custom order caps in various colors and choose different speeds of puck bases on these shuffleboard weights here.

The current size and shape of shuffleboard weights is time-tested and proven to be the most efficient for gameplay on shuffleboard tables. You can grip them squarely and securely in your hand to optimize your control over where they will go on the board. While you can imagine that coins would have worked similarly, they would have weighed far less. Weighted metal pucks would prove to be the best choice for the game, and time has shown that in our current shuffleboard weights.

At McClure Tables we offer several different style of weights with different bottom points for various speeds. It is not uncommon for a player in a tournament to have several sets of weights for different game play.

Regulation weight specs on Shuffleboard weights

The tournament specs on shuffleboard weights are between 310 grams and 350 grams for most tournament directors and regulation play. We offer stainless steel and Chrome plated puck bases all will be within the minimum or maximum weight specs. The caps all screw on for the plastic cap custom pucks if you choose stainless steel bases the weight will be between 310-312 grams. That is on the lighter side but you can remove the caps and also add some weight to the pucks. The most common way is with a penny or dime.

Screw on cap advantage or disadvantages

The caps as stated above come off and there is enough room under to add additional weight if needed. The plastic caps tend to hold tight but the aluminum hard anodized caps can vibrate in game play and become loose. You can use a thread lock to fix this problem or pipe thread tape.

Shuffleboard Weights Puck Speeds 

We offer a variety of weights for various game boards, The majority of our pucks are stainless steel bases as the exact machining bottom pointed amount, flat or recessed speed can be more accurately machined. We offer only the .05 pointed base a medium fast speed puck in a Chrome plated version. You can customize your bases in both a plastic cap or Aluminum cap. However the stainless steel bases are lighter and the aluminum cap is heavier. So the aluminum caps on the plated puck would be over tournament weight so we do not offer the plated puck on the customize aluminum caps weight customization option here.

Traditional boards Verses Bar Top Polymer epoxy boards

The poured epoxy boards are basically plastic with a thin sheet of epoxy poured over the top of the play surface and it is effectively like a sheet of Plexiglas. The main ingredient in a shuffleboard powder or wax is a plastic material so on the polymer boards you can get more static electricity and repelling of the beads that the pucks glide on. Pucks glide on the wax not the board so the trick with different bottoms is allowing the puck to slide over any potential dry spots on the board. The pointed bottom pucks work better for the polymer style boards, but the more pointed the bottom up to a certain degree the puck is faster. Once you reach the point we call 1.0 above then it actually slows down the speed of the puck. However the more pointed the bottom the better ability it has to glide over the dry spots. The disadvantage is it will wobble more so the recessed and flat pucks will be the smoothest puck.

  • Minus .05 The slowest puck base we have is called a minus .05 the bottom of most shuffleboard pucks are pointed these are from an old expired patent in the last 1940’s and glide very smooth but are slower pucks than the pointed bottoms. These work better on the non bar top epoxy boards

These come standard on our black and gold aluminum cap weights.

Black and Gold Caps with recessed bases minus .05

  • Flat .00  The fastest pucks are a flat bottom style we call these .00 these work best on traditional boards but will work on the polymer epoxy style tables also
  • Fast .05 This is a good standard puck that is very fast and still flat enough to be stable and smooth but still glide over dry spots in the board
  • Fastest 1.0  This bottom is the second fastest puck we make next to the flat .00 but still pointed enough to be smooth yet glide over any dry spots.
  • Medium Fast 1.5 These pucks are getting a little pointed on the bottom not enough they wobble too much but just enough that the speed is actually slower than the .05, 1.0 or .00 flat bottom puck

You can customize your Hard aluminum cap style shuffleboard pucks or shuffleboard weights here.

Keep in mind when choosing the perfect set of shuffleboard pucks or weights it is a personal preference.  Just as in golf there are several different types of golf clubs in a typical golfer’s bag. In fact, today, there are five categories of clubs: woods (including the driver), irons, hybrids, wedges and putters.

Shuffleboard pucks are no different for typical home play the consumer has one set of pucks and the .05 plastic cap standard shuffleboard weights will suite most players the best.

Shuffleboard Pucks

The professional player carries several sets of weights with him to a tournament and will adjust the weight not so much on his preference as to adjust to the tables he is shooting on at the tournament location. You can choose on our web site here from a variety of Shuffleboard Weights.

Information On Shuffleboards Warranty

The Best Shuffleboard Table Warranty In The Industry

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We aren’t afraid to admit that we have an unbeatable lifetime warranty on our handcrafted shuffleboard tables. The reason we’re so confident is that we handcraft every part of our tables and ship directly from our woodshop in Jenison, Michigan. We’re a small shop, but we pack a big punch!

See for yourself…below or Download PDF of warranty Here[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

McClure Tables Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty on Playboard and Finish For Home Usage

McClure Tables Inc. (The manufacturer) warrants its Shuffleboard table playboards and piano polyester finish against defects in material or workmanship and against regular wear and tear. The manufacturer guarantees that the playboard finish will never wear down in a home usage environment for the original owner. If there are any issues with the playboard finish within the first 2 years of ownership, the manufacturer will pay for all freight and shipping cost to return the table to our woodshop in Jenison, Michigan to be refinished. After 2 years, the owner will be required to pay for all freight and shipping costs; the manufacturer will cover the cost to repair and/or refinish.

5-Year Warranty on Playboard and Finish For Commercial Usage

McClure Tables Inc. (The manufacturer) warrants its Shuffleboard table playboards and piano polyester finish against defects in material or workmanship and against regular wear and tear for up to 5 years. The manufacturer guarantees that the playboard finish will not wear down in a commercial usage environment for the original owner for up to 5 years. If there are any issues with the playboard finish within the first 1 years of ownership, the manufacturer will pay for all freight and shipping cost to return the table to our woodshop for repairs. After 1 years, the owner will be required to pay for all freight and shipping costs; the manufacturer will cover the cost to repair and/or refinish.

Lifetime Cabinet Warranty

McClure Tables Inc. (The manufacturer) warrants its Shuffleboard tables cabinet against defects in material or workmanship (excluding normal wear and tear) McClure tables at its sole discretion, will either repair or replace any and all parts proven to be defective. Excluded are any products sold or used for commercial purpose. If there are any issues with the cabinet within the first 1 years of ownership, the manufacturer will pay for all freight and shipping cost to return the table to our woodshop for repairs. After 1 years, the owner will be required to pay for all freight and shipping costs; the manufacturer will cover the cost to repair.

Limitations on Warranties

  • All covenants of this Warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the initial purchaser of the product (owner) from McClure tables.
  • Any claim to this warranty must be made through McClure tables.
  • Parts returned hereunder if requested by Customer service shall be shipped by conventional surface freight to McClure Tables prepaid. If the parts are determined by
  • McClure Tables in its sole discretion, to be defective, they will be repaired or replaced and returned pre-paid by conventional surface freight carrier. The cost of shipping (as provided herein) the Product to McClure Tables shall be reimbursed as well. The labor cost for removing or replacing the damaged part shall be the responsibility of the owner. If the claim occurs more than one year from the date of original purchase, shipping costs shall be the responsibility of the Owner.
  • Repairs or replacement of any defective parts shall constitute complete fulfillment of all obligations with respect to the Product. This Warranty does not require the replacement of the entire Shuffleboard table, only the replacement of defective parts.

Warranties Do Not Cover

  • Any failure caused by abuse, neglect or improper installation, improper use, installation or maintenance service and repair. This also does not cover normal wear and tear.
  • Any cabinet finish including scratches, nicks dings or cosmetic blemish in the cabinet finish surface.
  • Any shipping damage or damage that may occur during the setup, unpack or installation process.
  • Installation and labor cost to remove or replace the warranty part shall be the responsibility of the original owner.


McClure Tables neither assumes nor authorizes any persons to assume for McClure Tables any other obligation or liability in connection with the Products. This Warranty does not apply to damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, abuse, flood, fire, earthquake or any other natural calamity.


Information On Shuffleboards

Story: An Old American Shuffleboard Table

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A little while back, we received a request for a special type of reproduction of an American Vintage Shuffleboard table. Something a little out of the ordinary and a little nostalgic. Turns out it was right up our alley. Many of the shuffleboard tables we make are vintage Shuffleboard designs that would have been made in America in the late 40’s early 50’s.

The thing is, when we say “custom shuffleboard tables” we truly mean CUSTOM. If you can dream it, chances are we can craft it.

To help illustrate this point, we thought it would be best to let a happy customer do the talking.

We were looking to reproduce an old American Shuffleboard table from the 1950’s. The original table that we were trying to duplicate was located on Craigslist about 4 years ago at a bar in a small town, north of Seattle on the Canadian border. Five guys drove the 2 hours north, played on it all night and brought it back the next morning. The table now resides in a Mercer Island home, still plays great, perfect dimensions.

We searched the Mid-West for craftsman and landed on McClure tables in Grand Rapids. Todd was very patient, and exacting in understanding our requirements including dimensions, bumpers, table finish, etc. We wanted something that varied somewhat from the multiple options currently offered by McClure.
Several months later, Jim & Dan, who participated in building the table delivered and set it up in our cottage in Pentwater, Michigan. The table is furniture art… just beautiful, as well as great fun to play. It is exactly what we envisioned. We selected clear maple and natural walnut and the quality of the finish is extraordinary. The curved corners and laminated maple blocks were built with precision.

We are totally satisfied with our experience with McClure Tables, with Todd, and with his artisans.

Grand Rapids has a long and storied history of furniture design and manufacture and this seems to be another example.

-Rhodes Baker

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]McClure Tables love their customers and our customers love their tables we try to collect independent reviews and you can find customer feedback on this page here McClure Shuffleboard Reviews 

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Information On Shuffleboards

Knowing the Difference Between Hardwood and Softwood

Rock Ola Man Cave Shuffleboard


Why is it important to know the difference?

A common question we receive at McClure Tables is what the difference is between hardwood and softwood tables. This question involves a mix of things including production, material, and durability. We’re happy to explain some of the differences.

At McClure Tables, we build our shuffleboards tables the old fashion way. We use maple wood that only exclusively grows in North America. All of our custom tables are made using hardwood. Why is this important you may ask? The choice of material used on your shuffleboard table surface is vital and essential when choosing the right table. Common softwoods such as poplar, alder, and soft maple can be economical but can also have an impact on the quality and durability of your shuffleboard table (e.g dents, dings, or even accidental damage). This can occur from simple usage or dropped pucks. Don’t let the choice of saving some money affect your experience. Purchase knowing that you’re getting the smoothest and best surface available.

Here are a few reasons why we use hard maple wood: 

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Locally harvested and grown.
  • Hand selected, graded and, insured.


Photo Nov 04, 1 31 35 PM


Photo Nov 04, 1 31 35 PM




Do You Know What You’re Really Getting?

Many manufacturers make the claim that their shuffleboard tables are produced with top quality hard maple, but you should do your own research. If you are looking for real maple wood for your table, ask yourself “does the manufacturer source wood from where maple trees grow?” The map to the right shows where North American maple trees (used in McClure Tables shuffleboards) grow. We encourage customers to do their research into companies and their claims before purchasing their table.

It gets better… If you’re familiar with wood, we’ll even allow you to grade it yourself with pictures of the wood before we began producing your shuffleboard. We believe in being honest with customers and that’s why we’re located in the heart of where many maple trees grow in North America, Michigan.

Our main supplier, Pure Michigan, produces some of North Americas Finest Hard Maple wood.
Information On Shuffleboards Shuffleboard Tips & Tricks

Add A Custom Logo to Your McClure Shuffleboard Table!

All McClure Shuffleboard tables come with our McClure logo on each end of the board, we do however love to customize. Everything from the color of the cabinet to a custom logo on your play surface. In the past our only option was using the two part bar top epoxy (polymer finish) we now prefer a traditional butcher block play surface. After years of research we now offer a custom logo on our traditional finish play-boards. This is an update to our custom boards all the images shown in this post are with the new traditional finish.

Here are a few examples of custom logos we’ve done and the stories behind them. To view more custom logo work, check out our custom logos page.

Example 1: Hemingway’s Up North Pub

When this customer first came to us his logo was just in black and white.

While he loved the logo, he was hoping to add a little bit more color. We assisted in choosing a color that would match his color scheme and with the help of our friends at Eagles Eye Graphics we were able to do just that. After viewing a couple of different colors options, we decided on our favorite. The decal was then created and was ready to be applied to the table. Since this table was in our neck of the woods our production manager, Angus personally delivered the table. Hemingway’s Up North Pub was able to have their personalized shuffleboard table in time for opening!


During a game of shuffleboard, you play on both ends so we faced each logo towards either end, making them visible to both players. In some cases, customer’s like just one logo on the center of the table, in that case we would face the logo in the direction that you would approach the table.


Example 2: A Custom Family Logo

Here at McClure Tables we not only love to customize but also accommodate our customer’s needs. Our customer ordered this beautiful handcrafted Prestige Shuffleboard table for their downstairs family room. Unfortunately, they did not plan as to how to get it into the room. Our playboards come in one piece unless specified to come in two pieces. In this case the 14ft playboard could not be maneuvered to fit down the stairs. After speaking with the customer, we arranged for the playboard to be shipped back to our warehouse and for us to make a new playboard in 2 pieces. When the customer originally placed the order online a logo was not requested but after having to return the playboard we were able to customize the board a little further. A custom family logo was added to the 2-piece playboard surface.

We try and thoroughly explain to our customers what delivering a shuffleboard table entails but, we do realize that mistakes happen. Our customers come first here at McClure Tables, whether its your mistake or ours we will get the situation figured out.

Example 3: Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific (a worldwide developer, manufacturer, and marketer of medical devices) had their logo placed on a 12-foot patriot table.

See some previous examples of custom logo shuffleboard tables we used to do these boards with the polymer poured epoxy style tops.

Have an idea in mind? Contact us and our talented team can make it happen! Let us know your ideas on a custom logo for your very own personalized Shuffleboard Table.


We will keep this post updated with images of customer’s orders that include a custom logo on shuffleboard tables.

Shuffleboard Maintenance

How to Wax a Shuffleboard for Game Play

How do you wax or prepare a brand new shuffleboard table for game play? First for standard maintenance we suggest using vinegar and water or Murphy’s soap. Then wax or buff board with a paste wax. These steps are required to maintain and to get an old board into playing condition. You may have a lot of grease build up from years of spray silicone, or perhaps some old paste wax build up. The purpose of a heavy duty cleaner or steps like these are to prepare an old board to get ready for a game of shuffleboard. So what do you do with a new McClure Handcrafted shuffleboard table you just got and are ready to play?
We recorded these three short videos  about how you would go about preparing the board. The first step is there may be some packing dust from our warehouse and may want to just buff with a damp rag or we often use window cleaner like Windex. The new maple play board has a traditional finish that will last a lifetime for home use, but this is basically a thin coating of a plastic protectant. So the top is like or similar to a Formica or solid surface counter top. So keep the dust off and occasionally if you build up some silicone you can wipe down or spray with window cleaner to get a clean new top ready for play.
Step One is spray on a coat of McClure Shuffleboard Silicone spray by McClure Tables.

Spray Shuffleboard Silicone Spray

Step two is buff the silicone out so your board feels slick and you can feel the cloth or cotton towel sliding across the board with no friction

Step Two: Buff Silicone for Shuffleboard Table out

The Last and final step before your ready for an exciting game of shuffleboard on a handcrafted McClure Table is to apply the shuffleboard Wax. This is often the most confusing term for people as you would think of something like car wax or polish. However, it is more like sand, salt or dust. It is a powder we spread on like a lite snow fall to give a surface for the pucks to slide on top of. Do not apply shuffleboard table wax too thick or your pucks will plow.

How to Apply Shuffleboard Table Wax

If you want to learn more about shuffleboard game rules or how to play the Shuffleboard see our video.