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Shuffleboard Table for your Gameroom. Same Fun!

New Normal. Same Fun!

During these uncertain times of restrictions and new normal’s, it is comforting to have the same fun with family and friends.

Shuffleboard is a game that originated in 15th century England when locals would slide a sizeable British coin down a long smooth table.

Not much has changed in 2020, today people slide round weighted objects called pucks down a long smooth wooden table. Shuffleboard is a game that you can have the same fun playing elbow to elbow or socially distant too.

We have board lengths ranging from 12 feet to 22 feet in length, and standing 6 feet apart is no problem.  

Prepare your home for the next time you’re locked in due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances by adding one of these great handcrafted shuffleboard tables to your game room.

Tournament 2 Deluxe

Tournament 2 Deluxe Shuffleboard

This Shuffleboard is in our vintage series and is an upgraded model of our classic Tournament II shuffleboard table that features trim made with two-tone wood combinations. Using the finest craftsmen and locally-harvested hardwoods starting from scratch, we create each shuffleboard table in our workshop.

The Tournament II with Trim was an idea we got from one of our customers. It is kind of a take-off on the classic original Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Tables. The customer called it the poor man’s Rock-Ola Shuffleboard.

Rock-Ola Shuffleboard series

McClure Tables is the exclusive manufacture of original Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Tables.

The classic Jukebox manufacture made shuffleboard tables in two years, 1948 and 1949, and then ran into a patient dispute with American Shuffleboard Company over the use of climate adjusters.

The popularity of shuffleboards declined, and Rock-Ola stopped manufacturing tables in 1949.

They never did file a trademark on their classic design or the Rock-Ola shuffleboard table, and McClure Tables is the owner of that Trademark today.

Authentic Rock-ola

Many companies make a similar style to the Rock-Ola, but only McClure Tables makes original authentic Rock-Ola tables today even better than the originals.

Today we use premium hardwoods like Hard Rock Maple, Walnut, or American Cherry to make the Rock-Ola Shuffleboard cabinets.

We want to highlight the Rock-ola Walnut shuffleboard table. It’s made with the same techniques as the classic Rock-Ola tables and with better materials.

Call McClure tables at 844-579-2922 to support a small company Handcrafted in Michigan Made in America Shuffleboard Tables.

Although there is a new normal, you can still have the same fun playing Shuffleboard in your new home.

Custom Shuffleboard Table Designs Shuffleboard Tables

Awesome Shuffleboard Tables Models 2020


At McClure Tables, handcrafting shuffleboard tables is what we do, and about once per year, we try to create a few new models or designs. Often the inspiration for a design or style can come from virtually anywhere. We have had clients who have sent us pictures of coffee tables or end tables they saw on a popular image site like Pinterest. We can take that picture and create a one of a kind shuffleboard table. We are handcrafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by master artisans who use locally harvested hardwoods like Michigan Hard Maple, Tulipwood, White Oak, American Black walnut, and more to create the cabinet and legs all in our shop.

We want to introduce to you three of our newest model shuffleboard tables for 2020. We hope you find one of these styles that will fit that perfect recreation room, Mancave, or Gameroom that you had in mind.


The Vicksburg Shuffleboard Table

We are combining both an industrial look with the rustic caricature of red oak combined with bronze powder-coated turnbuckles and metal angle iron corners. The Vicksburg Shuffleboard Table comes from 12 foot to 22-foot length models. We use two sets of legs on the 12 foot, and for the 14 foot to 18 foot, you will have three sets of legs, and then for the 20-22 foot size model, we use five sets of legs. You can choose from several wood finish colors medium oak, natural oak, or Gunmetal all look very nice on this model.


The Contempo Metal V Base 12-foot Shuffleboard Table

 The Contempo has always been one of our most popular models, and for this new design in 2020, we offer a 12-foot size with a V style metal powder-coated base. The cabinet on the Contempo shuffleboard table is made using select and better hard maple. The legs are a powder-coated black metal that looks good as shown in the black Opec finish but also would combine well with both the natural maple cabinet color or heirloom color. We custom make all shuffleboard tables in our woodshop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using local artisans and locally harvested hardwoods.

Contempo V Base 12 foot Black Opec


The Eclipse 12 foot Shuffleboard Table

Our Eclipse shuffleboard table got inspiration from a dining table that we saw on a Pinterest page. We had another customer showed us a design that we did build for them the Limberg Shuffleboard model, but that was the first time we learned to bend wood to make the arched legs. The first time we made the Limberg, we had never bent timber before. On that same page, we saw a cool looking dining table, and that was all the inspiration that our craftsmen needed to dream up the Eclipse shuffleboard. We can only make this design in the 12-foot style because we do not feel it would look well with more than one base, and we can not get the lumber long enough for making anything longer.


Direct to Consumer Shuffleboard News

McClure Tables Handcrafted Shuffleboards Sold Direct & On-Line Featured In National Hardwood Magazine

Handcrafted Shuffleboard Tables Sold Direct and On-Line made one at a time in Grand Rapids, Michigan. McClure Tables has been handcrafting shuffleboards for over ten years, and recently, they were featured in National Hardwood Magazine February 2020 print and online edition. Known worldwide for making the most elegant shuffleboard tables in the world, McClure Tables has sold tables all over the United States. In addition to they have tables located throughout the world, including Israel, England, Amsterdam, Russia, Australia, Japan, France, Hawaii, Taiwan, and New Zealand. Most of McClure Shuffleboards tables are in private homes, but you may also find in hotels, restaurants, or your company break room.
Recently featured in National Hardwood Magazine, read online here. Todd McClure, who comes from the retail side of the business of home Gameroom products, founded McClure Tables in 1991, in 2009 he began to focus exclusively on Shuffleboard tables. Having experience in the retail side buying from manufactures as well as working at one time as a manufactures representative, he found that many game table manufacturers lose their focus trying to be a one-stop-shop. They think a foosball table, pool table, shuffleboard, or Poker table are all similar products. When at the heart of the shuffleboard table is the playing surface and the requirements to make butcher block that is 3″ thick and 12 to 22 foot in length requires expertise in hardwood glue up and processing equipment. For this reason, the majority of manufacturers only make cabinets and purchase the playing boards from butcher block experts. Not wanting to leave any of the processes to outside contract manufacturing and the want to control in house McClure makes everything in their factory.
There are over 30 different designs and styles of cabinets all custom built to order. McClure Tables even makes Authentic Rock-Ola Shuffleboard tables in the art deco style famous on the original Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Tables made in 1948 & 1949. It is not unusual to use reclaimed beams or timber logs to craft the Shuffleboard cabinetry, and many customers personalize with their company logo or favorite sports team. The company is housed in a 24,000 square foot facility part of the McClure owned 38,000 square foot building.
In the past, shuffleboard tables were phased out of the arcade bar and restaurant scene for space reasons, but now the game is seeing a massive resurgence in home theater rooms and company break rooms. Owner Todd McClure confessed that while the five employees at McClure Tables like to play, “We’re more woodworkers than shuffleboard enthusiasts. We are purist, one of the few companies who make boards the old fashioned way.” The thick hardwood playing boards they make use locally harvested hard Michigan maple wood and use a durable hard polyester finish are warrantied for a lifetime at home or five years for commercial applications.
Custom handcrafted, pride in woodworking, choice in sizes, styles, and woods, aggressive pricing, and creative customers who can buy directly from the builder-These factors set McClure Tables apart in the shuffleboard realm.

Custom Shuffleboard Table Designs Shuffleboard Tables

Charles Limbert Arts and Craft Furniture Inspired The Limbert Shuffleboard

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Charles Limbert was born in Lyonsville, Pennsylvania in 1854 and died at his home outside Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1923. He opened his furniture factory in Grand Rapids in 1902. He was one of the most successful furniture leaders in the history of Grand Rapids and the Arts and Craft movement in America. The furniture that bears his name is often some of the most extraordinary work of the arts and craft furniture every made. To this day, it is highly sought after and thoughtfully collected. In his honor, we have named our latest Shuffleboard model ‘The Limbert”.

Charles Limbert collaborated with several major furniture builders and designers in Grand Rapids in the late 1800’s such as “Klingman and Limbert Chair Co” and his own furniture selling commission called “Charles P Limbert & Co”, he opened his own name brand company, the “Charles P Limbert Furniture Co” in Grand Rapids in 1902.

Limbert Trademark

Grand Rapids has a rich history of early Dutch Arts and Craft furniture. Charles Limbert always used the term arts and crafts to describe his furniture and never used the word mission. He visited Europe several times and studied examples of Dutch peasant furniture. He was always acknowledging the influence of the German and Austrian Secessionists on his work.  We did not set out to copy the style of a company that made this style of shuffleboard, a furniture company in Tennessee like many game table and pool table manufactures also makes Shuffleboards under the name of Kush Shuffleboards. If you would like to review or learn more about how McClure Shuffleboard Tables compare to Kush Shuffleboards read this blog post here.

A client of McClure Tables sent them a Pinterest page picture of the style of shuffleboard they liked. They recognized it as the Kush model the Craftsmen see the model comparison here, but the customer wanted the best playboard and warranty in the business. So they asked McClure if they could make a style like this. The team of craftsmen responded absolutely as they always do if they can have some creative liberty on the design. A few things we did not like, first they could tell that the beam arch made on a CNC computer-generated machine was not even a perfect arch. The metal corners on the corner of the table were out of place when a high-end joinery technique like a dovetail joint would be more fitting for the arts and craft style. We understand the metal industrial look is fashionable right now, but the metalwork looks like the welds look like an 8th-grade shop student performed them not a high-end metal artesian experienced welder.

At McClure Tables we do not just build shuffleboard tables we craft them one at a time in our Grand Rapids woodshop. We do not even use auto cad drawings these creations are done with master woodworkers who use their imagination and creativity to make the finest shuffleboard tables available in the world. We ship McClure Tables worldwide and have tables in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands, Russian, Israel, England, New Zealand and if we have not mentioned your country yet then what is stopping you? Order a custom handcrafted shuffleboard table at  made in America handcrafted in Michigan. This is what we crafted our latest Shuffleboard model “The Limbert” See the photo gallery below



If you would like to see how the table came into shape and the craftsmanship that went into the design, see our video here.

We put in our creative style and designs, and this is what we came up with The Limbert Shuffleboard Table.


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Behind The Design of Shuffleboard Weights

Shuffleboard weights were not always the sleek and balanced pucks you see today. The earliest versions of what would later become shuffleboard didn’t use discs at all, nor did they have the finely crafted shuffleboard tables we know and love today. We do know that the origins of the game date all the way back to 15th century England, and shuffleboard weights have naturally evolved numerous times since then.

Before there was shuffleboard, there was a little game called shove-groat. The shape of future shuffleboard weights was born out of this game in which players used coins rather than the disc shaped weights of today. These coins were known as groats, hence the name. The groats were slid across a polished tabletop for position and points. William Shakespeare even made a reference to the game in Henry IV, when Falstaff says, “Quoit (i.e. throw) him down, like a shove-groat shilling.” Shove-groat was played by nearly everyone (aristocracy and peasants alike), and gambling often ensued as well.

Shuffleboard continued to evolve into the 16th century. Although at this time coins were still being used for shuffleboard weights, the name of the game changed to shoveboard, and eventually shovelboard. The game was especially fashionable during the Tudor period. English high society played on colossal shuffleboard tables, sometimes even as long as 30 feet. These days, 30 feet would exceed regulation size. The largest McClure tables run up to 22 feet, though, which isn’t much smaller than the tables beloved by royalty.

At this point in the trajectory of the game, a more intricate system of scoring was established. Markings on the table, the precursor to today’s scoring sections, dictated how many points to award for coins that landed in certain areas. Many shovelboard games at the time still employed the use of coins, but shuffleboard weights were about to change. Some players began to replace the coins with metal weights instead. They would attempt to get these metal weights as near to the other end of the table as was possible without the weights falling off. Sound familiar?

By the early 1800s, English society had left shovelboard in the lurch. It didn’t take long, however, for the game to experience a resurgence. It was reintroduced in the mid-1800s and early 1900s, when British colonists transported the game to America. During this time period artfully handcrafted shuffleboard tables began to appear. More sophisticated tables would soon call for more sophisticated shuffleboard weights, as well.

Shuffleboard reached the peak of its popularity after World War II, when soldiers spread their enjoyment of the game all across the country. Some of the biggest shuffleboard tournaments ever held occurred at this time. The original boards were 32 feet long, even larger than the tables of Tudor, but were subsequently shortened to 28 and then to 22 feet. Up until then, shuffleboard weights were made out of heavy brass. It was at this point that they were redesigned to the smooth stainless steel models that we now use today.

Shuffleboard weights now come in two basic sizes. Regulation size shuffleboard weights are 2 and 5/16 inches in width. These are considered large pucks and usually used on tables 14 feet or longer. Medium pucks are only slightly smaller, coming in at 2 and 1/8 inches wide, and usually used on shuffleboard tables 12 feet or shorter. Particularly skilled players have also been known to use these on tables 14 feet or longer.

Most weights have a crowned bottom, but some have a flat bottom. All pucks have thumb pushoffs in the center. Modern shuffleboard weights are generally made from stainless steel with colored plastic tops. The most common colors are red and blue, although you will sometimes see other custom colors as well. Custom order caps in various colors and choose different speeds of puck bases on these shuffleboard weights here.

The current size and shape of shuffleboard weights is time-tested and proven to be the most efficient for gameplay on shuffleboard tables. You can grip them squarely and securely in your hand to optimize your control over where they will go on the board. While you can imagine that coins would have worked similarly, they would have weighed far less. Weighted metal pucks would prove to be the best choice for the game, and time has shown that in our current shuffleboard weights.

At McClure Tables we offer several different style of weights with different bottom points for various speeds. It is not uncommon for a player in a tournament to have several sets of weights for different game play.

Regulation weight specs on Shuffleboard weights

The tournament specs on shuffleboard weights are between 310 grams and 350 grams for most tournament directors and regulation play. We offer stainless steel and Chrome plated puck bases all will be within the minimum or maximum weight specs. The caps all screw on for the plastic cap custom pucks if you choose stainless steel bases the weight will be between 310-312 grams. That is on the lighter side but you can remove the caps and also add some weight to the pucks. The most common way is with a penny or dime.

Screw on cap advantage or disadvantages

The caps as stated above come off and there is enough room under to add additional weight if needed. The plastic caps tend to hold tight but the aluminum hard anodized caps can vibrate in game play and become loose. You can use a thread lock to fix this problem or pipe thread tape.

Shuffleboard Weights Puck Speeds 

We offer a variety of weights for various game boards, The majority of our pucks are stainless steel bases as the exact machining bottom pointed amount, flat or recessed speed can be more accurately machined. We offer only the .05 pointed base a medium fast speed puck in a Chrome plated version. You can customize your bases in both a plastic cap or Aluminum cap. However the stainless steel bases are lighter and the aluminum cap is heavier. So the aluminum caps on the plated puck would be over tournament weight so we do not offer the plated puck on the customize aluminum caps weight customization option here.

Traditional boards Verses Bar Top Polymer epoxy boards

The poured epoxy boards are basically plastic with a thin sheet of epoxy poured over the top of the play surface and it is effectively like a sheet of Plexiglas. The main ingredient in a shuffleboard powder or wax is a plastic material so on the polymer boards you can get more static electricity and repelling of the beads that the pucks glide on. Pucks glide on the wax not the board so the trick with different bottoms is allowing the puck to slide over any potential dry spots on the board. The pointed bottom pucks work better for the polymer style boards, but the more pointed the bottom up to a certain degree the puck is faster. Once you reach the point we call 1.0 above then it actually slows down the speed of the puck. However the more pointed the bottom the better ability it has to glide over the dry spots. The disadvantage is it will wobble more so the recessed and flat pucks will be the smoothest puck.

  • Minus .05 The slowest puck base we have is called a minus .05 the bottom of most shuffleboard pucks are pointed these are from an old expired patent in the last 1940’s and glide very smooth but are slower pucks than the pointed bottoms. These work better on the non bar top epoxy boards

These come standard on our black and gold aluminum cap weights.

Black and Gold Caps with recessed bases minus .05

  • Flat .00  The fastest pucks are a flat bottom style we call these .00 these work best on traditional boards but will work on the polymer epoxy style tables also
  • Fast .05 This is a good standard puck that is very fast and still flat enough to be stable and smooth but still glide over dry spots in the board
  • Fastest 1.0  This bottom is the second fastest puck we make next to the flat .00 but still pointed enough to be smooth yet glide over any dry spots.
  • Medium Fast 1.5 These pucks are getting a little pointed on the bottom not enough they wobble too much but just enough that the speed is actually slower than the .05, 1.0 or .00 flat bottom puck

You can customize your Hard aluminum cap style shuffleboard pucks or shuffleboard weights here.

Keep in mind when choosing the perfect set of shuffleboard pucks or weights it is a personal preference.  Just as in golf there are several different types of golf clubs in a typical golfer’s bag. In fact, today, there are five categories of clubs: woods (including the driver), irons, hybrids, wedges and putters.

Shuffleboard pucks are no different for typical home play the consumer has one set of pucks and the .05 plastic cap standard shuffleboard weights will suite most players the best.

Shuffleboard Pucks

The professional player carries several sets of weights with him to a tournament and will adjust the weight not so much on his preference as to adjust to the tables he is shooting on at the tournament location. You can choose on our web site here from a variety of Shuffleboard Weights.

Shuffleboard Tables

The Story Behind the Name: An Interview with Todd McClure

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]McClure Tables was founded when Todd McClure, and long-time industry expert, saw a gap in the market. There were many companies re-selling game tables through brick and mortar shops but the market was pointing toward a direct to consumer model via the internet. Todd wanted to offer the highest quality shuffleboard tables directly to customers. No middlemen, no upcharges, and no low-quality products. After 18 years in the billiard industry, Todd decided to open McClure tables.

We wanted to give a little insight into the man behind the name. So our blogging team forced Todd to relinquish some of his woodshop time to answer a few questions for us. Here are some of the best quotes from our interview and a little elaboration on the conversation that took place.

“I love serving customers, so Direct to Consumer seemed like the right way to go.”

Many other billiard and shuffleboard brands sell through distributors. This can limit the quality of products and service that customers receive. Todd likes to speak with his customers directly when they are inquiring about a shuffleboard table and placing an order. This ensures that McClure Tables builds a ton of extra value for their customers by offering suggestions and pointing out options that they may not have considered. Todd also loved the idea that he could oversee every aspect of shuffleboard quality.

“I saw the need for quality control from A to Z.”

From the North American Hard Maple that is selected for the wood, to the design, the playboard finish, and even assembly in your home or office, Todd is passionate about quality being as high as possible. His shuffleboards are some of the only ones made with Hard Maple and a Polyester finish. This ensures that Todd’s customers will be making shuffle memories for years and years. In fact, the game can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

“My favorite aspect of the shuffleboard game is the fact that anyone can play regardless of age or skill level. It’s a very equalizing sport.”

The simplicity of the rules and objectives certainly make shuffleboard a great way to entertain company or let your employees relax and take breaks in the office. In fact, Todd designs tables for a wide range of customers.

“The most rewarding part of what I do is when a customer comes to me and lets me custom design a shuffleboard for them. I collaborate with clients on anything from adding a custom logo to their table to matching the style of their existing furniture pieces.”

Many of the pieces that Todd sells today came from ideas that he sketched up for a client, like the Galt and the Malibu. However, Todd is always looking for inspiration. Sometimes it comes from unique furniture pieces that he comes across and other times it is stories that inspire him. When a historic bourbon distillery collapsed in 2018, he purchased some of the wood and created a rustic shuffleboard design to preserve some of the history.

Todd has now been in the billiard industry from 41 years and is as inspired as ever. He continues to add new models and designs to his repertoire while working with clients to design their perfect shuffleboard.

In conclusion, we’ll say this… Todd talks like this all the time. He is always focused on the importance of wood quality and craftsmanship when speaking with his staff and potential customers on the phone. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he lives and breathes this stuff. It’s that kind of passion, we think, that translates into some of the best quality shuffleboard tables in the market.

Todd McClure (left) and his father (right)


Shuffleboard News Shuffleboard Tables

3 Ways A Shuffleboard Table can Make Your Workplace More Fun

WithumSmith+Brown PC has been given an award for having one of the most engaging office spaces in their city. Their design philosophy comes from a plethora of workspace modifications that have transformed their office to be a thrill for all who are employed there. Their content wall, cafeteria, and eco-friendly design have been built to blur traditional mentalities of a business office space. The most exciting feature of their office can be different for each person, but the integration of a shuffleboard table can be extremely impactful to the company’s culture.

By giving employees a chance to bond together, company morale can increase. Having a shuffleboard table will enable executives to benefit the company through inter-office league games, unique contributions to company culture and the chance to enliven a normal work day. The effects of a great office space are not unknown; an article on Forbes claims that having a great company culture can translate into success. With that in mind, we wanted to offer our input on how a Shuffleboard Table can benefit the workplace. Here are three ways in which owning a shuffleboard table can make the workplace more fun and productive.



1. Run an Inter-Office League

Some companies boast of having a large number of offices spread through multiple countries. How many of those employees are connected to offices that are even just a few blocks away? Having a means of bringing employees together can clearly define a company’s image in the mind of its employees. By providing a shuffleboard table to the workplace, people obtain the opportunity to connect with one another. Although having a small gym in an office can be exciting, could someone gather many employees and have a weightlifting contest? This might be hard to pull off, but employees can be grouped up and given the chance to bond and have fun over a shuffleboard table. Unique teams can form between employees, and they can be given the chance to play games on a weekly basis.

2. Put Your Company Logo on the Shuffleboard Table

Logos can enhance a company’s image through the emotion that it can convey. If your business does not yet own a logo, having a good one can increase the bottom line. This image of the company, its logo, can be put onto the shuffleboard table. A normal piece of game equipment will suddenly develop a whole new meaning. Just like owning company pens, having a company logo on a shuffleboard table can give a sense of belonging to all those who play on it. We have all heard of company T-shirts, so owning a company shuffleboard table can provide a healthy sense of pride.

3. Host Regular “Hangouts” on Fridays for Casual Networking

Finally, regular events that allow people to connect with one another are crucial to establish a thriving business culture. Owning a shuffleboard table will enable employees to bond and have fun together. Some people can’t make trips outside of the office due to a multiplicity of reasons. Having a means that can enable a large part of the office to connect with one another could make the workplace more enjoyable. Since almost anyone can play with a shuffleboard table, everyone will feel welcomed. Giving employees the opportunity to network over a friendly office game can improve company morale and make them more excited to come to work.


In conclusion, having a shuffleboard table in the workplace provides a host of great benefits. Employees will understand the value of each other through bonds forged over weighted pucks and endless games enjoyed together. Since a shuffleboard table isn’t meant to be played alone, employees will be encouraged to gather around in groups. A shuffleboard table brings together three crucial elements that an activity must have to positively benefit the workplace: accessibility, fun, and affordability. While employees can bond over a lot of things, a shuffleboard table is unique. As a competitive game, it will allow employees to play and have fun together.

Custom Shuffleboard Table Designs

Michigan State University Fans Celebrate Fandom with a Custom MSU Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard has been gaining in popularity because it is a game the whole family can enjoy. We recently did a delivery back in 2018 in Lowell Michigan and the whole family was involved from start to finish.

Magic Johnson played on the very same court that he got his hands on

I first meet Brad an avid MSU fan when he called to ask about our shuffleboard tables. After an invite to the shop he soon picked out the wood, finish style and design of table for his family game room. During one visit he happened to ask if we could help him clean some stain off a basket ball court he bought years ago from an MSU salvage site. He said the history is that Magic Johnson played on the very same court that he got his hands on.

First he asked if my finish person could help clean the basket ball floor court and then we ended with our master craftsmen help turn it into pieces of furniture to match his shuffleboard game. We were happy to make a coffee table and pub cocktail sofa style table out of this pice of history. See here:

Custom gameroom furniture

The center line will soon become custom furniture.


Sloan Shuffleboard Table with custom basketball court game room furniture.

The game room, which is often called a man cave, is actually a gathering room that the whole family can enjoy. One of the reasons Brad found McClure Tables and got the whole project started was the research his father did. So when we brought the table out to the home we got to meet not only the whole family but several friends. Here are a few more pictures of the Shuffleboard in their game room.

More Pictures from the family…


Behind the sofa cocktail pub table

All ages can have fun at shuffleboard


Shuffleboard game is so much fun even if I am not sure what I am doing.


The girls are going to learn to play the game of shuffleboard very young.


Shuffleboard is a great game to play doubles.


Mom and Dad can enjoy a game of shuffleboard too.


Shuffleboard Game Family Fun.

The game room, which is often called a man cave, is actually a gathering room that whole family can enjoy. One of the reasons Brad found McClure Tables and got the whole project started was the research his father did. So when we brought the table out to the home we got to meet not only the whole family but several friends. Here are a few more pictures of the Shuffleboard in their game room.

Shuffleboard News Shuffleboard Tables

The Best Shuffleboard Brand for Luxury Spaces

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When you think of Shuffleboard, you may be reminded of a game you played at a bar or a table you saw in a friend’s game room. The classic game is perfect for people of all ages and skill levels, so it’s enjoyed in many homes and businesses. However, our high-quality and hand-made shuffleboards have their own unique luxurious feel to them (Check out our Galt or Toronto for an example). They are handcrafted by experts from the best materials available, and you can’t help but notice the high-end feeling they bring to your room.

This makes our shuffleboards the perfect option for many luxury spaces, including the new luxury Haku Villas that were recently built in Japan. They are located at one of the best ski resorts in the world, Niseko-Hirafu. The Haku Villas are designed for guests looking for more space and privacy than most resorts typically offer. Each suite covers an entire floor and offers stunning views of Mt. Yotei.

luxury villa interior photo
Haku Villas

As always, McClure Tables is happy to design custom pieces that allow us to show off our artistry and craftsmanship. We’re also happy to continue shipping internationally. For this project, our founder and master woodworker Todd McClure himself will be traveling to the beautiful area of Niseko, Japan himself to help install the shuffleboard tables. We’re looking forward to seeing them in the space and allowing the guests to enjoy some indoor fun when they aren’t out skiing the slopes.


Galt Shuffleboard
Galt Shuffleboard Tables