Shuffleboard Supplies

Thinking about buying a shuffleboard table but not sure what else you’ll need to play? We recommend several supplies to keep your board clean and your gameplay smooth.

Silicone Spray:

Silicone Spray for Shuffleboard

Silicone Spray is applied to shuffleboard to give your pucks even more speed on the play surface. Silicone should be applied to the play surface as evenly as possible. This is easiest to achieve when using a sweeping motion that you can see an example of here. After you’ve evenly coated the play surface, you should let the silicone spray sit for about 5 minutes. If it is your first time using a new shuffleboard, or the first spray after cleaning, you’ll need to buff the silicone spray out with a soft towel. Otherwise, you can simply spray the table lightly and let the spray sit for a few minutes before beginning to play. McClure Tables makes its own Silicone Spray that is safe and rated for the high quality polyester play surface (no epoxy or polyurethane is ever used) that makes McClure Shuffleboards unique. You can check out McClure’s Silicone Spray here.

Shuffleboard Wax:

Shuffleboard Wax

Shuffleboard Wax is not actually wax, but is either very small silicone beads or a cornmeal mixture. Just like Silicone Spray, the Shuffleboard Wax helps reduce friction on your play surface. Shuffleboard Wax comes in different speeds to accommodate different skill levels. Newer shuffleboard players tend to be a little more enthusiastic with their throws, so they need slower wax speeds. More advanced players that have a more precise throw and need faster waxes. McClure offers 4 different speeds of wax, with 1 being the fastest and 4 being the slowest. You can view all of McClure’s Shuffleboard Wax options here.

Shuffleboard Sweeps:

Shuffleboard Sweep

Shuffleboard Sweeps are used to remove Shuffleboard Wax when it’s time for a new coat. You can simply run the sweep gently down the play surface to brush all of the wax into the gutter. You should be sure to vacuum the wax out of the gutter later to keep your shuffleboard in its best condition. McClure makes Shuffleboard Sweeps in two sizes that will nicely match McClure’s shuffleboards. The sweeps feature carpet on the bottom so that they catch and clean up as much was as possible. You can view the 18 inch sweep here and the 21 inch sweep here.

Accessories Shuffleboard Maintenance

Choosing the Right Shuffleboard Wax For Your Table

Like the size of a shuffleboard table and the pucks being used, the wax applied can have a serious effect on gameplay.

Shuffleboard wax not only affects the speed at which the pucks move, but when applied with silicone, it will also help preserve your table for years to come. With a wide range of speeds and colors to choose from, deciding on the right wax for your shuffleboard table can be difficult. However, using our guide below, you can easily find the ideal wax for your table.

Shuffleboard wax is typically offered in brown and yellow variations, with brown being slightly faster than yellow. Wax is also numbered based on speed, allowing players to decide the rate at which their pucks will travel.

At McClure, we offer four speeds of premium shuffleboard wax in both brown and yellow variations, in addition to high-quality silicone spray designed specifically for shuffleboards.

Having trouble deciding which wax is right for your table? The factors below should help you find the ideal choice. Not sure how to apply wax? Check out our guide for an in-depth look at how to wax your shuffleboard table.

Table Length

Seeing how McClure tables can range from 9 to 22 feet in length, gameplay can vary drastically depending on the size of your table.

Naturally, faster waxes are better suited for longer tables and will help the pucks travel further into scoring position. When using a slower wax, the resistance will compound as the puck slides across the table, making it difficult for the puck to advance without putting some serious force behind your shot.

On the contrary, shorter tables should be coated with slower waxes to prevent players from shooting off the end of the board. Using faster wax on a smaller table can make it incredibly difficult to gauge the distance of your shot.

In professional shuffleboard matches or tournaments, 22-foot tables are deemed to be regulation size. Shuffleboard tables in these settings are typically coated with some of the fastest wax available.

Skill Level

The skill of the players participating can also help determine which wax is ideal for your shuffleboard table. Though all players should know the basics of playing shuffleboard, choosing the right wax can make games more competitive and more fun.

For novice or intermediate players, we recommend using slower waxes as new players have a tendency to use excessive force when shooting the puck. Easing into the game of shuffleboard with a slower wax can be very helpful for inexperienced players. As you become more familiar with the game, move on to faster waxes to help develop a controlled, accurate shooting style.

Shuffleboard Wax
Shuffleboard Table wax is the powder you sprinkle on to slide pucks down the board

For advanced players, the choice of wax is up to his or her preference as they should be comfortable with both slow and fast tables. However, professional shuffleboard matches are typically played on very fast surfaces. To compete with the best, you’ll have to be able to play on a fast table.

Different wax speeds can greatly alter gameplay, so it’s best to have a variety to perform well on any table. To find the shuffleboard wax that best works with your table and skill, check out McClure’s line of premium shuffleboard wax. With four speeds to choose from and a choice of brown or yellow wax, McClure’s wax will keep your shuffleboard pucks moving at the perfect speed for you.

Looking for other accessories for your shuffleboard table? Check out our full line of shuffleboard table supplies here.


The Glossary Of Shuffleboard Accessories

Playing shuffleboard comes complete with its own language, and shuffleboard accessories are no different. The curious thing about shuffleboard is that some accessories have multiple names, even though they all refer to the same thing. It could be a regional thing, or it could come down to personal preference. Any way you look at it, you should know what your opponents are referring to when they talk about sprinkling shuffleboard tables with cheese. Read on to discover some of the many terms you’ll see when it comes to shuffleboard accessories!


Shuffleboard Bowling 10 Pin Set

Bowling Pins: Turn your shuffleboard table into a miniature bowling lane instead with a set of bowling pins. These shuffleboard accessories let you expand the use of shuffleboard tables so you can have an even greater time.



Light Kit

Light Kit: Shuffleboard tables need illumination too. Our lamp kits can be easily mounted to the side of most shuffleboard tables. This way, your shuffleboard domination will be plain as day for all to see!



Pro Shuffleboard Table Weights

Pucks: These shuffleboard weights are the ultimate shuffleboard accessories, considering you’d be unable to play on shuffleboard tables without them! Pucks are generally made out of metal and plastic. Blue and red are the most common colors, although you will see others. Regulation size pucks are 2 and 5/16 inches, although other sizes can be used. (See also: Weights, rocks, or quoits).



Score Bead Set

Score Bead Set: If the score bead set looks like an abacus to you, that’ s because it is. Who knew shuffleboard tables had a connection to ancient history? The abacus is the perfect way to keep shuffleboard score, as these shuffleboard accessories provide a quick visual reflection of your points. The McClure set particularly is designed to score many popular shuffleboard games that play to 15 or 21 points.




Score Unit: If the abacus is a little too old-fashioned for you, a digital score unit will do you nicely. According to Wikipedia, the digital score unit for shuffleboard tables was invented in 1974 by Reginald Charles Gilchrist, who was then-president of Universal Shuffleboards. Now McClure Tables is proud to offer their own, in various finishes including Black, Chestnut, Mahogany, and Natural Cognac.




Shuffleboard Cover:
Shuffleboard tables get cold too. Protect the surface of your table with shuffleboard covers. These shuffleboard accessories serve that purpose for any shuffleboard table. At 31 inches wide, these fit all McClure tables and most other standard tables as well.


Wax: Shuffleboard wax is one of the strangest, as well as most useful, shuffleboard accessories. Why strange? Well, simply because even though it’s called wax, shuffleboard wax is actually not wax at all. Rather, it is made up of tiny beads of silicone that resemble sand or grated cheese more than anything (hence the other names). The beads serve the same function that ball bearings do, and allow for decreased friction so pucks slide swiftly and easily. Wax comes in different speeds for different sizes of shuffleboard tables. (See also: Powder, sand, and cheese).

Who knew there were so many shuffleboard accessories with unique purposes? If you love shuffleboard tables, you can definitely show it in many ways. From accessories that give you control over the actual playing surface (climate adjusters, shuffleboard wax) to fun additions to the game (bowling pins, score bead set), there’s plenty to learn in shuffleboard world. Now get to playing with your newfound knowledge and school the shuffleboard newbies on the true reason wax is sometimes also known as cheese.


Shuffleboard Stocking Stuffers

For better or for worse, the holiday season is starting to loom its wintery head over the horizon, with Thanksgiving the only thing between us and a whole month of chilly afternoons, cars skidding across the road like shuffleboard pucks, and the terrors of last minute gift shopping. So, to help avoid driving in hazardous weather that’s way too cold just to wrestle with the hordes of shoppers looking to fill out t

heir gift list at the last possible second, think ahead about getting the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite shuffleboard enthusiast.

McClure’s New Shuffleboard Pucks


The star of the show when it comes to shuffleboard playing, only second to the shuffleboard tables themselves in their importance to actually playing the game. Sure, most bars and playing venues will provide players with their own weights, but there’s nothing quite like owning a set for yourself and being able to play the game at the drop of a hat. McClure has actually just made available a new deluxe set of tournament quality pucks, made from stainless steel and heat treated for maximum strength. These custom pucks come specially made for speed, and are quite a sight to behold on the table. With a quality set like this, even casual players of the game can feel like pros.

Shuffleboard Wax

Shuffleboard Wax

Make sure to keep that playing surface in the best shape possible for as long as possible! Having a good supply of shuffleboard wax on hand will keep the game from slowing down (literally!) and ensure that any table will be around for generations. Nothing can ruin a good game like having to stop from running out of wax, make sure your favorite shuffleboard player doesn’t suffer that fate by getting them a can this holiday season.

Bowling Pins

No need to go to a big alley, a set of shuffleboard table bowling pins bring the game home and add a little variety to a few well-used shuffleboard tables. Bowling pins are a great way to get new players interested in shuffleboard and are loads of fun at any party. Plus, a set of pins like this would go great with a brand new set of shuffleboard pucks, making the two the perfect combination gift.

Shuffleboard BackStop Pads and covers


Okay, so maybe a shuffleboard backstop or cover wouldn’t fit a stocking, not unless you know someone with really big feet, but this is another great little gift to get your favorite shuffleboard player. Not only would it spruce up their game room, it would help keep their table protected and clean from dust or any unsightly accidents that may occur too! Just be sure you don’t accidentally rip anything when trying to fit this one in the lucky giftee’s stocking.

The leaves are dead and falling, so its only a matter of time before the snow starts hitting the ground. Picking up a shiny new set of shuffleboard pucks or a pack of bowling pins could save you a great deal of headache later on, not to mention a few runny noses once the thermometer really begins to drop. Bring some joy to a shuffleboard player you know this holiday season, and happy shuffling!


How to Give Your Shuffleboard Multiple Functions

One of the hardest times people have with the shuffleboard tables they put into their homes is finding the perfect room to fit them in. Since many of these tables are more than 12 feet long, if they aren’t situated correctly, they could take up an unnecessary amount of space in a room that could be filled with other kinds of furniture. However, if you are smart about how you arrange your shuffleboard, you greatly enhance the space and even the potential uses for the table.

Make sure to put your shuffleboard in a room with a long wall that currently doesn’t have any furniture along it. Your best bet is to put the shuffleboard flush against this wall or at least as close as you can get without banging your elbow every time you take a shot. This way, because shuffleboard tables aren’t very wide to begin with, you take up minimal square footage and can incorporate lots of other furniture into the space.

Best of all, when you line up the shuffleboard along a side wall, you can adapt it to other uses when you aren’t playing. For example, at McClure Tables we sell shuffleboard covers that you can put on your table, like the dinning top seen on this Ponderosa table, that can turn your shuffleboard into a banquet-style buffet table. This way, if you are hosting a holiday or simply having a get together with friends, you can start the evening off by serving food on the shuffleboard, then once everyone has eaten, clear it off, remove the dining top and start a tournament.

This makes a shuffleboard the perfect investment for your household no matter what room you choose to put it in.


The Perfect Stocking Stuffers for a Shuffleboard Owner

Shuffleboard accessories are the perfect stocking stuffers for families that are lucky enough to enjoy the game. If Santa brought the family a McClure Table last year, now may be the time to make the small investment in buying new wax and silicone for your table that will make the board as functional as it was the day you first played.

The same is true if you are purchasing a whole new table for the holiday and want to make sure your family receives the entire shuffleboard package. It’s an addictive activity, and when the games get intense, it may do a number on your table that will make lagging a puck increasingly difficult the more you play.

Silicone Spray for ShuffleboardThe silicone spray and wax are an especially useful, and affordable, gift for a shuffleboard player in that it essentially expands the life of your table every time you refinish the alley. Not only will the wood on this main lane be less prone to wear when you maintain its finish, but the pucks will ride more smoothly down the end of the table with less incidence of curving or dipping.

Todd McClure, the owner of McClure Tables, has several videos online that can give instructions to shuffleboard owners as to how to use the wax and silicone spray to evenly and successfully refurbish the main alley.

The task is a simple one that requires an even hand and attention to detail. Best of all, the products you’ll need won’t be a big burden on your wallet and can get delivered to you as soon as possible.

If you don’t want to wait until Christmas morning to give the gift, apply the silicone and wax before the holiday so you can get the table ready for gameplay as soon as you’re family is down unwrapping gifts.


Protect Your Shuffleboard Table over the Holidays with a Cover from McClure Tables

When you stop using your grill, you naturally put a cover on it. Once it’s too cold to go out swimming, you do the same to your swimming pool to make sure it doesn’t suffer from any unnecessary damage during the winter. You should take the same approach to protect your shuffleboard table when you are too busy to engage in a heated tournament in your home’s game room.

Just because most shuffleboards are kept indoors, that doesn’t mean there aren’t elements within the home that may affect the long term quality of your table. In fact, given that tables are usually found in rooms where people tend to get rowdy, like a bar in your basement or your kids play room, there are many opportunities for your shuffleboard to get damaged.

No matter what length your shuffleboard is, McClure Tables sells shuffleboard covers that will fit on it. Our covers come in a wide array of colors that will perfectly complement the design aesthetic of any space.

If you have a friend or a loved one that has a shuffleboard table and is known for using and abusing this piece of furniture, this is the perfect gift for them on Christmas morning.

The same is true if you decide to give a loved one a whole new shuffleboard as a present this holiday season. You shouldn’t offer someone a fine piece of equipment without giving them tools to protect it, so make the small investment and throw a cover under the tree as well.

As you will witness first hand if you spend the holiday at a loved one’s home that features a shuffleboard, the game can get pretty raucous and food or drinks that spill on the table may make the main alley uneven. Be sure to give this gift early, so that once gameplay is over and the family continues to revel around the table during the holiday, you can throw a cover on to protect it.


Wood Score Unit: The Perfect Gift for the Shuffleboard Player You Love

With Christmas less than a week away, now is the time to get last minute gifts for the shuffleboard player in your life. You may not be willing to invest in a whole new shuffleboard table for your loved one, but you can still give a gift that will make their shuffleboard the coolest one on the block.

One enhancement that can elevate a simple game of shuffleboard to the professional level is a scoreboard. When you challenge your friends and family to a fun game over the holidays, you can make the tournament seem more official by having a scorekeeper.

Shuffleboard Table rustic lodge style score unit. Has electronic score unit and log outside cover.

The Small Wood Score Unit that is sold by McClure Tables will fit in with the design of any shuffleboard table. It comes in an array of colors and materials that can not only enhance the quality of play but also the overall aesthetic of the game room.

For a more formal table like our Veneto shuffleboard table, you can match either the black or mahogany wood that the table is made out of so that the scoreboard doesn’t seem tacked on but instead a thought-out component of the original design of the table.

Veneto-Shufflboard-Table-handcrafted-McClure-ShuffleboardsThis traditional design will even look good in game rooms of a more playful nature with less formal furnishings since it is adaptable and simple enough to fit any setting. With a J-bar supporting the circular scoreboard, this piece is unobtrusive no matter what aesthetic direction you decide to take the room in.

You can control the scoreboard through a remote control that hooks up to the cradle of the shuffleboard table, complete with a wire harness attachment.

Be sure to give the gift early, if you can, so that you and your friends and family can start the holiday off right with a fun game of shuffleboard to break in the new score unit.


Bring the Bowling Alley to Your Basement Using Your Shuffleboard Table

There is something about the simplicity of most shuffleboard games that makes even first time players believe that they can beat seasoned veterans. But nothing is more satisfying for an experienced player than to mightily shut-down an overconfident first-timer.

The same thing can probably be said about bowling, which seems simple enough to the average observer. But, as anyone who has been schooled at either shuffleboard or bowling because they overestimated their own abilities can tell you, each game is deceptively hard given their generally simple premises. Although the rules to these activities may seem straightforward enough, sending a puck down a table that in some cases is more than 20 feet long takes skill and practice – especially if you actually want to get a good score.

Despite the hidden challenges of each game, both are activities that make addicts out of players who catch the bug. The problem in the case of bowling is that it may be a lot harder to feed the craving as most people don’t have the space to accommodate a fully-functioning alley within their game room.

\However, bowling enthusiasts can take solace in knowing that their shuffleboard can function as an in-home bowling lane. Bowling pins that are crafted to the scale of the shuffleboard are available through McClures that can bring a table-ready ten-pin game to your game room.

Using your pucks in favor of the ball on the smooth surface of your shuffleboard table, you can go bowling without having to leave your house or put on a pair of ridiculous shoes. This could result in hours of fun, or even a nightly ritual for you and your family that takes advantage of the versatility of these finely crafted surfaces.

Best of all, by practicing at home, you’ll be ready for the next time a cocky first-timer thinks they can take you out.