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Awesome Shuffleboard Tables Models 2020


At McClure Tables, handcrafting shuffleboard tables is what we do, and about once per year, we try to create a few new models or designs. Often the inspiration for a design or style can come from virtually anywhere. We have had clients who have sent us pictures of coffee tables or end tables they saw on a popular image site like Pinterest. We can take that picture and create a one of a kind shuffleboard table. We are handcrafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by master artisans who use locally harvested hardwoods like Michigan Hard Maple, Tulipwood, White Oak, American Black walnut, and more to create the cabinet and legs all in our shop.

We want to introduce to you three of our newest model shuffleboard tables for 2020. We hope you find one of these styles that will fit that perfect recreation room, Mancave, or Gameroom that you had in mind.


The Vicksburg Shuffleboard Table

We are combining both an industrial look with the rustic caricature of red oak combined with bronze powder-coated turnbuckles and metal angle iron corners. The Vicksburg Shuffleboard Table comes from 12 foot to 22-foot length models. We use two sets of legs on the 12 foot, and for the 14 foot to 18 foot, you will have three sets of legs, and then for the 20-22 foot size model, we use five sets of legs. You can choose from several wood finish colors medium oak, natural oak, or Gunmetal all look very nice on this model.


The Contempo Metal V Base 12-foot Shuffleboard Table

 The Contempo has always been one of our most popular models, and for this new design in 2020, we offer a 12-foot size with a V style metal powder-coated base. The cabinet on the Contempo shuffleboard table is made using select and better hard maple. The legs are a powder-coated black metal that looks good as shown in the black Opec finish but also would combine well with both the natural maple cabinet color or heirloom color. We custom make all shuffleboard tables in our woodshop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using local artisans and locally harvested hardwoods.

Contempo V Base 12 foot Black Opec


The Eclipse 12 foot Shuffleboard Table

Our Eclipse shuffleboard table got inspiration from a dining table that we saw on a Pinterest page. We had another customer showed us a design that we did build for them the Limberg Shuffleboard model, but that was the first time we learned to bend wood to make the arched legs. The first time we made the Limberg, we had never bent timber before. On that same page, we saw a cool looking dining table, and that was all the inspiration that our craftsmen needed to dream up the Eclipse shuffleboard. We can only make this design in the 12-foot style because we do not feel it would look well with more than one base, and we can not get the lumber long enough for making anything longer.


Custom Shuffleboard Table Designs Shuffleboard Tables

Charles Limbert Arts and Craft Furniture Inspired The Limbert Shuffleboard

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Charles Limbert was born in Lyonsville, Pennsylvania in 1854 and died at his home outside Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1923. He opened his furniture factory in Grand Rapids in 1902. He was one of the most successful furniture leaders in the history of Grand Rapids and the Arts and Craft movement in America. The furniture that bears his name is often some of the most extraordinary work of the arts and craft furniture every made. To this day, it is highly sought after and thoughtfully collected. In his honor, we have named our latest Shuffleboard model ‘The Limbert”.

Charles Limbert collaborated with several major furniture builders and designers in Grand Rapids in the late 1800’s such as “Klingman and Limbert Chair Co” and his own furniture selling commission called “Charles P Limbert & Co”, he opened his own name brand company, the “Charles P Limbert Furniture Co” in Grand Rapids in 1902.

Limbert Trademark

Grand Rapids has a rich history of early Dutch Arts and Craft furniture. Charles Limbert always used the term arts and crafts to describe his furniture and never used the word mission. He visited Europe several times and studied examples of Dutch peasant furniture. He was always acknowledging the influence of the German and Austrian Secessionists on his work.  We did not set out to copy the style of a company that made this style of shuffleboard, a furniture company in Tennessee like many game table and pool table manufactures also makes Shuffleboards under the name of Kush Shuffleboards. If you would like to review or learn more about how McClure Shuffleboard Tables compare to Kush Shuffleboards read this blog post here.

A client of McClure Tables sent them a Pinterest page picture of the style of shuffleboard they liked. They recognized it as the Kush model the Craftsmen see the model comparison here, but the customer wanted the best playboard and warranty in the business. So they asked McClure if they could make a style like this. The team of craftsmen responded absolutely as they always do if they can have some creative liberty on the design. A few things we did not like, first they could tell that the beam arch made on a CNC computer-generated machine was not even a perfect arch. The metal corners on the corner of the table were out of place when a high-end joinery technique like a dovetail joint would be more fitting for the arts and craft style. We understand the metal industrial look is fashionable right now, but the metalwork looks like the welds look like an 8th-grade shop student performed them not a high-end metal artesian experienced welder.

At McClure Tables we do not just build shuffleboard tables we craft them one at a time in our Grand Rapids woodshop. We do not even use auto cad drawings these creations are done with master woodworkers who use their imagination and creativity to make the finest shuffleboard tables available in the world. We ship McClure Tables worldwide and have tables in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands, Russian, Israel, England, New Zealand and if we have not mentioned your country yet then what is stopping you? Order a custom handcrafted shuffleboard table at  made in America handcrafted in Michigan. This is what we crafted our latest Shuffleboard model “The Limbert” See the photo gallery below



If you would like to see how the table came into shape and the craftsmanship that went into the design, see our video here.

We put in our creative style and designs, and this is what we came up with The Limbert Shuffleboard Table.


Custom Shuffleboard Table Designs

Michigan State University Fans Celebrate Fandom with a Custom MSU Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard has been gaining in popularity because it is a game the whole family can enjoy. We recently did a delivery back in 2018 in Lowell Michigan and the whole family was involved from start to finish.

Magic Johnson played on the very same court that he got his hands on

I first meet Brad an avid MSU fan when he called to ask about our shuffleboard tables. After an invite to the shop he soon picked out the wood, finish style and design of table for his family game room. During one visit he happened to ask if we could help him clean some stain off a basket ball court he bought years ago from an MSU salvage site. He said the history is that Magic Johnson played on the very same court that he got his hands on.

First he asked if my finish person could help clean the basket ball floor court and then we ended with our master craftsmen help turn it into pieces of furniture to match his shuffleboard game. We were happy to make a coffee table and pub cocktail sofa style table out of this pice of history. See here:

Custom gameroom furniture

The center line will soon become custom furniture.


Sloan Shuffleboard Table with custom basketball court game room furniture.

The game room, which is often called a man cave, is actually a gathering room that the whole family can enjoy. One of the reasons Brad found McClure Tables and got the whole project started was the research his father did. So when we brought the table out to the home we got to meet not only the whole family but several friends. Here are a few more pictures of the Shuffleboard in their game room.

More Pictures from the family…


Behind the sofa cocktail pub table

All ages can have fun at shuffleboard


Shuffleboard game is so much fun even if I am not sure what I am doing.


The girls are going to learn to play the game of shuffleboard very young.


Shuffleboard is a great game to play doubles.


Mom and Dad can enjoy a game of shuffleboard too.


Shuffleboard Game Family Fun.

The game room, which is often called a man cave, is actually a gathering room that whole family can enjoy. One of the reasons Brad found McClure Tables and got the whole project started was the research his father did. So when we brought the table out to the home we got to meet not only the whole family but several friends. Here are a few more pictures of the Shuffleboard in their game room.

Custom Shuffleboard Table Designs Shuffleboard Table Accessories

McClure Tables: The Jacobus Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Table Build

A few weeks ago, Paul Jacobus from Wisconsin was in Grand Rapids on a business trip and was able to take the time to come by and visit our shop. It was a perfect time for a visit as we had several different models in production. We actually were making a 20-foot Rock-Ola table for a customer who is coming to the shop tomorrow from Canada to pick it up. Paul loved the table so much that he decided to buy one for himself.

To showcase how we create tables at McClure, we will be taking photos of Paul’s table throughout the building process and updating this blog with news about the build. I often send pictures and emails to customers, as we like to make each table a collaboration between our craftsmen and the new table owner. However, this new blog will give you a real time view of how each of our products are made. It’ll be like you’re in the shop.

We’re now knee-deep in the middle of building a shuffleboard table for Paul Jacobus and wanted to detail the progress off his table so far. Check out the pictures below and gain some insight on how we build all of our shuffleboard tables at McClure Tables.

Cutting The Legs


On models like the Rock-Ola or Veneto, almost half the woodworking is all in the legs. Jim, one of our table builders, has put six hours in working on the legs for Paul’s table. Sometimes if we have a few in production, we will go ahead and have him stay busy making high end leg parts for a few days. We will still have a little more machine work to do when he assembles the legs, but they are 80% done here in these pictures.



Using some patterns and jigs Jim has set up, he will put in rabbit, daddo cuts and cut out sections of the legs. The end legs are larger and have a shelf, so they will require different machining than the middle legs.


It takes a total of about six hours in machine time and work to just make the six pieces for these center legs and then four more hours for the end legs.


In the photo above you can see the end legs for Paul’s 20-foot Rock-Ola shuffleboard table. Most of our shuffleboard tables feature four legs, but on the original Rock-Ola tables from the late 1940s, the tables included five legs.  For this table,  we are replicating that feel and have built five legs, with six left and right blanks for three middle legs and four end leg blanks.

Assembling The Legs

Now we are almost ready to glue up the parts after most of the shaping has been done. Jim just has to do a little final checking of the measurements and inspect each part with care before the final assembly and glue up.


Once the final inspection is done, all of the parts will be laid out and we will start to assemble the end and center legs for the Rock-Ola shuffleboard.



Now the legs will sit overnight and soon be ready for some detailed hand sanding, which we call case cleaning in the wood working industry. Most furniture makers will sand the product at this stage for the finish. However, the finish person will inspect the work and usually sand one more time with a very fine 180 grit paper before he is ready to apply any stain or dye to the wood.

Stay tuned for more updates on Paul’s table as we continue the build and start the next step of creating the cabinet from scratch. You’ll be able to see how a shuffleboard table comes together and witness the intense woodwork that comes along with each part of the building process.

Creating The Horse Collar

Jim is now working on assembling the solid wood horse collar corners and side aprons. The sides and end aprons are made on a molder out of solid soft maple that is glued up. The corners were shaped on a molder. Now the parts are assembled with screws glues and dowels.


The horse collars will need to sit up overnight before they are ready for finish. We make these in both walnut wood or maple, but the original Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables were made with birch. They had a red mahogany finish at the factory and this often led to confusion in terms of the type of wood use. Some antique dealers will actually call the antique table horse collars mahogany. In all years of checking out Rock-Ola tables, we have never seen that wasn’t birch. For our replica Rock-Ola tables, we use soft maple for the horse collar and corners because it is easier to shape than hard maple. It tends not tear as much on the molders and shapers.


While the horse collars are clamped and the glue is setting, the side apron diamonds are cut by hand with a small pin router. In the photo below, each diamond is checked for exact size and some final touch up work is done by hand with a wood chisel.


Here the diamond inlays are taped off before they are finished as the side aprons and horse collars will now move on to be stained and colored. After the coloring process is finished, the carpet on the deck and the leather upholstery horse collar pads will be done. In our next update, we will check in on Jerry as he works on finishing up some of the more artistic elements of the shuffleboard table.


Painting And Finish

Now that all the leg parts have been machined and the horse collar is assembled, the table is now ready for the finish. We first start by case cleaning and sanding each part, both by hand and with handheld sanders. Once the sanding and preparation is finished the first step is to apply the base spray color coat to the wood.


In the picture above, Jerry puts down the base color. Notice the color is a light brown. This base coat is a glaze that is applied by  hand rubbing and wiping to add depth and richness to the wood.


Jerry will apply the glaze, rubbing it deep into the grain of the wood and, with a dry towel or rag, wipe the excess glaze off. The effect adds a rich antique look to the wood with some highlighting and shading that enhances the beauty of the finish.


After each piece has had the color hand rubbed into the wood the next step is with a spray gun with a fine point. Jerry will shade in some of the edges and color, while also painting the bottom part of the legs black, the same as the originals from 1949. The original Rock-Ola tables were not done with this type of finish work. Actually they were made for commercial locations and they produced several thousand of them per year in a mass produced assembly line production operation. Today we make a few dozen models per year, each one is handcrafted.

Check out the video below of Jerry working on the finish of Paul’s Rock-Ola table:

In the next update, we will show you the final assemble of the parts, the fitting of the trim and upholstery of the padded leather horse collars.

Stamping and marking the board

The antique Rock-ola tables were stamped and numbered and we do the same today even down to the details of “Do Not Drop Wates On Board” We can not figure out where they came up with that spelling of the word for the pucks or often they are called weights. Because every detail is down to the exact specifications as the originals we keep it with the same misspelling for the word Weights. See Todd McClure Below marking the play-board for the Jacobus family

Rock-Ola Shuffleboard Top

Final Fit and Assembly

UPDATE: After the parts have all been finished, Jim will inlay the glass diamond sites into the side apron rails that have been finished. The diamond cut out was masked off with tape during the finishing process and now each piece of glass must be hand fit and glued into place. See the pictures below where Jim works on the diamond glass:

Rock Ola Shuffleboard Table

Green diamond glass is used just like on the original tables we found the same style and color of glass and inlay into the side aprons.

Shuffleboard Glass Inlay

It’s time to fit the side aprons and attach them to the end of the table called the horse collar. Jim will fit each side apron rail and mortise and glue them into place. Then the horse collar can have the leather upholstery attached.

Rock Ola Shuffleboard Table


Now the horse collar is ready for the upholstery that is made with genuine leather. We attach foam to some pads that must be bent and shaped into the same shape as the horse collar. This is where our owner Todd McClure past history in the pool table business comes in handy. The upholstery of the pads is very similar to installing the cloth on pool tables. Every Rock-Ola table we make the upholstery is done by Todd McClure.


Once this is finished they will install the deck with the carpet and fit the whole piece to the horse collar and aprons sides. After this is done, we will have to install the metal trim pieces to the legs and the stretchers that bolt to the legs.

Shuffleboard Assembly


After each metal stainless steel trim is attached we have a total of 38 pieces of trim that are installed on a 22-foot or 20-foot Rock-Ola shuffleboard Table. Each leg has three chrome strips on each side, and just the process to fit and trim a Rock-Ola shuffleboard Table is a full day of work. From here on out, the rest of the process is a matter of assembling the table, which will end up looking the table below:

Rock Ola Shuffleboard Table

Custom Shuffleboard Table Designs Shuffleboard Tables

Elves Busy Building Shuffleboard Tables for Christmas

This is the time of year where my Christmas spirit is in the joy we get by pleasing our customers expectations handcrafting their shuffleboard. McClure Tables does not just build shuffleboard tables we craft them. We are not just a cold factory assembly line this company is your typical small American business. I have a small but talented team of skilled craftsmen who all take great pride making shuffleboards. Shuffleboards currently is all we do and at this time of year it feels like Santa’s workshop with the woodworkers playing the elf’s. I took some pictures of the staff hard at work trying to get all the shuffleboards built for Christmas.

Shuffleboards made out of hard maple, first we lay it up to size and cut then transfer to the glue spreading table to reassemble with glue in place and then feed into press.

Shuffleboard Top Layup

Shuffleboard Tops hard maple getting the glue and laid up ready to go into the press.

Lay up shuffleboard Top hard maple shuffleboard top manufacture

Jim is steady the top as the press is feed it into the hot radio frequency press to glue up the shuffleboard play surface.

Jim is handcrafting another shuffleboard table putting together Rock-Ola Horse Collar  as we get ready for Christmas

Shuffleboard Cabinet Assembly

Doug is getting ready to hand craft and put together the sub frame on a Tournament II shuffleboard tables.

Rock-Ola Legs Shuffleboard Hand finish work

Jerry working on putting down one of several coats of our special traditional finish. This will require several steps and rubs.

Shuffleboard Top Spray Finish

Jerry is double check his spray for a coat of the traditional shuffleboard top finishes.

Shuffeboard Top Finish

Shuffleboard Tops getting the traditional finish.


Shuffleboard Racing strips used for the Foul line and final finish line for 3 points.


Custom Logo Shuffleboard Tops

Nice collection of cars on this custom shuffleboard top This customer does not own all these cars yet.Customize your top we use the polymer for custom graphics. You send us any decal we can lay it down to your specs and pour over a top for it to be sealed under for life.

shuffleboard table packing

Jim working on packing up a Competitor model table. This is going to a nice couple that stopped in for a visit to our factory.

shuffleboard table finish

Shuffleboard Top getting ready for final packing and shipping.

The finished product at the end a custom handcrafted shuffleboard table made with pride in the USA at our Grand Rapids, Michigan workshop.

So in the Christmas Spirit the elves (my craftsmen) and I all pitch in to build custom shuffleboards for Christmas. I have been in the retail side most my life and always sold or installed game room toys for Christmas. With our retail stores we had delivery people out busy trying to install pool tables. It brings us great pride to build custom shuffleboards. McClure shuffleboard tables are all handcrafted with pride one at a time in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Custom Shuffleboard Table Designs

If You Want to Make Your Home Theater Room More Fun Think about Adding a Custom Shuffleboard Table!

A shuffleboard table provides a game that can easily fit along the wall of any home theater room. Many home owners are faced with the choice of what to do with their bonus room? Should you add a pool table or make a game room or home theater room? Well often they cannot do both the room is not large enough for a game room and proper home theater viewing. Pool tables have to go right in the middle of the room and need 5 feet around all sides for the pool cues. Another problem with a pool table is that age and skill can restrict the fun and level of game play. With a shuffleboard table your problems are solved. You can put a shuffleboard table along the back wall, or perhaps behind the home theater seating area. Shuffleboard only requires enough room for the table about 3 feet and then a couple feet on each end to stand behind. Regardless of age or skill level players from 6 years old to 90 can all have fun on a shuffleboard table?

Rather you are planning on building a new custom shuffleboard table from scratch, or updating an old table to give it a new lease of live, this can set your games room apart from everyone else’s! If you want a custom shuffleboard table from scratch or your own design McClure Tables can build any style to suite any taste. If you have an old table you need the top refinished then starting as low as $850 we can refinish a table and pour the polymer. If the top needs some repair or you want to add a custom logo this can run additional cost.

If you have a company logo, family crest or any artwork you want inlaid into the shuffleboard table top then McClure Tables can do this for you. Just provide us with a camera ready artwork and we will get a logo produced and installed to customize your shuffleboard table. .

You do not have to limit your creativity to a custom logo; we can produce any style or design of table. From making tables with logs that are hand peeled with a draw knife to using old reclaimed lumber, we can build anything you can dream. Perhaps you want something more contemporary if you have a picture of a favorite pool table, game table, dining table, or even end table, just send us a picture and we can design a shuffleboard table cabinet to match your designs.

Whichever direction you decide to go with your creative ideas, a custom shuffleboard will most certainly add to the fun you get from having a home theater. Doing creative things everyday will help you make the most of the experiences that you enjoy! A nice game of shuffleboard during the game half times or between movies is a great recreational idea for a home theater room. Did you know that more shuffleboard tables go into home theater rooms than game rooms with a pool table?