Choosing the Right Finish & Options for Your Shuffleboard Table

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If you are in the market for a shuffleboard table for your home or business, McClure Tables offers an incredible selection of handcrafted shuffleboards that are proudly made in the USA. Once you’ve decided on a model and length, you’ll then be presented with a variety of different finish options to choose from. Some models use two tone custom horse collar in walnut or a different finish color, then choose some trim. You can get fancy and even add an electronic score unit. To help make the process easier, we put together this catalog of pictures of our Tournament model to show the various sizes and options available. This means for any purpose, home or commercial, there is a shuffleboard table to meet your specific needs and style.

Choosing right finish optioins for your shuffleboard

The size of the table you select for your home or business depends on more than just available space. However, for many looking to add a shuffle board table to their home, size will continue to be a very important factor. One consideration in choose the size shuffleboard keep in mind you need to leave at each end of the table enough to allow standing space. There is no optimum amount of space to leave open but for most applications a minimum of two feet should be allowed on each end.

In addition, because one side of the length of the table can be butted against a wall, the total floor space foot print of the table is reduced significantly. The only other space required is along the remaining length of the table, and is only required for players to change sides after alternate games. In a home or crowded bar environment, this space is again not significant.

Once you have determined how large a table you can accommodate, you next need to consider the access to the room. Most cabinets larger than 12 foot are in two pieces but the boards are very heavy and they are one solid piece. Generally shuffleboard size refers to the overall length of the cabinet and the board is 1.5 foot shorter than the cabinet size.

If you plan on using a shuffleboard table in your business, such as a sports bar or pub, you will want to apply some of the same space requirements, only with a few additional considerations. In a public space you will want to make sure your table and the play does not disrupt customer traffic for example by placing it along the back wall.

Because of their narrow profile, a shuffleboard table can be used in spaces that are not open to other forms of gaming entertainment and you can set them in spaces that would otherwise go unused. If you have the space you can even run two tables side by side doubling the play space without using significant amounts of additional floor space.

With many sizes available to fit your need, shuffleboard tables require little space but can provide endless hours of entertainment. Now you simply have to choose a style, finish or design and allow 4 to 6 weeks for McClure Shuffleboard factory to custom make your shuffleboard Table.

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    looking for a high tech look.

    • Todd McClure

      We do a lot of cool stuff with stailess how about these Image of a stainless steel and Sapelli in natural finish Galt model table not on our web site yet

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