Choosing the Right Pucks for Your Shuffleboard Table

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Whether you are a hard core shuffleboard enthusiast or just an occasional player, having the right-sized shuffleboard pucks for your table will add to your playing enjoyment.

The size of a shuffleboard table can vary significantly ranging anywhere from nine to twenty two feet in length, and it therefore follows that the playing tools should correspond. Having the right equipment adds to the enjoyment of any activity and using the right-sized puck with the correspondingly sized table is no exception.

If you are planning to purchase a table the space you have available may be the most important factor in your decision. The space you devote should also take into consideration enough room to comfortably execute the play. Generally a space of three feet beyond each end of the table should be adequate. A similar minimum amount of space on at least one side is preferable in order to allow for player rotation and spectators were applicable.

The puck size itself is most often determined by the size of the shuffleboard table that is being used. There are two specific sizes of puck that are generally accepted for recreational and tournament use which have diameters of two and five sixteenth inches and two and one eighth inches. The smaller pucks are best suited for tables that are shorter, typically nine to fourteen feet in length and are usually around eighteen inches wide; as measured on the playing surface.

Conversely, the larger pucks with diameters of two and five sixteenth inches are best suited for the longer and wider tables. For Table Shuffleboard Association tournament play these are the approved sized pucks. Tournament approved tables have playing surfaces that are twenty feet eight inches long and have a width of twenty inches.

The larger pucks allow for more competitive strategic play on the wider surface. Besides having specific diameters the pucks need to be of a specific weight if you plan on playing in sanctioned tournaments. The weights that the players use must be between three hundred and ten and three hundred and forty grams or around 12 ounces.

Playing on tables that use correctly sized pucks and table sizes will go a long way in developing your skill and consistent play. This is due primarily to the fact that the level of play is not determined by physical strength but rather relies almost exclusively on the player’s ability to direct the puck with the greatest amount of control and accuracy.

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  • Gavin

    Does it make a difference if the table has bumpers, where one must bank the puck every throw?

    • Todd McClure

      Hi Gavin,

      Thanks for the question! While we don’t manufacture any shuffleboard tables with bumpers at McClure, most bumper shuffleboard tables come with standard puck sets so it should be okay to use any type of standard chrome-plated or stainless steel pucks. However, because most bumper table models are typically 12′ long or less, you may want to use smaller-sized pucks (such as McClure’s 2 1/8″ puck set) due to the small surface of the table.

      Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!


      McClure Tables

  • J.C.

    who makes the best weights for playing in a shuffleboard tournament. I am just starting out ( 3 rating) & I am going to invest in a set of weights

    • Todd McClure

      The differences in weight sets is first the accuracy of even weight and machining. A higher end set variance from one weight in set to next should be tighter. We feel 1 – 2 gram variance is wide in a pro set but check with specific manufacture to explain their tollerence. The second factor is they have different pitches on the bottom of the pucks for different speeds. Many different factors like wax and humidity effect the speed of the pucks. I would really recommend you play in some leagues or tournaments. Talk to some players and tournament directors should be plenty of people around with some new or used sets of weights for sale. See if you can try a few find what you personally prefer. Most players will often have two or three sets of weights and may prefer one style or type based on the location or boards they are playing. It is a personal preference thing mostly is something you are comfortable with shooting shuffleboard weights on various shuffleboard tables.

    • Bk

      Just get a set of Americans change cap weight to feel.

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