Choosing the Right Shuffleboard Wax For Your Table

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Like the size of a shuffleboard table and the pucks being used, the wax applied can have a serious effect on gameplay.

Shuffleboard wax not only affects the speed at which the pucks move, but when applied with silicone, it will also help preserve your table for years to come. With a wide range of speeds and colors to choose from, deciding on the right wax for your shuffleboard table can be difficult. However, using our guide below, you can easily find the ideal wax for your table.

Shuffleboard wax is typically offered in brown and yellow variations, with brown being slightly faster than yellow. Wax is also numbered based on speed, allowing players to decide the rate at which their pucks will travel.

At McClure, we offer four speeds of premium shuffleboard wax in both brown and yellow variations, in addition to high-quality silicone spray designed specifically for shuffleboards.

Having trouble deciding which wax is right for your table? The factors below should help you find the ideal choice. Not sure how to apply wax? Check out our guide for an in-depth look at how to wax your shuffleboard table.

Table Length

Seeing how McClure tables can range from 9 to 22 feet in length, gameplay can vary drastically depending on the size of your table.

Naturally, faster waxes are better suited for longer tables and will help the pucks travel further into scoring position. When using a slower wax, the resistance will compound as the puck slides across the table, making it difficult for the puck to advance without putting some serious force behind your shot.

On the contrary, shorter tables should be coated with slower waxes to prevent players from shooting off the end of the board. Using faster wax on a smaller table can make it incredibly difficult to gauge the distance of your shot.

In professional shuffleboard matches or tournaments, 22-foot tables are deemed to be regulation size. Shuffleboard tables in these settings are typically coated with some of the fastest wax available.

Skill Level

The skill of the players participating can also help determine which wax is ideal for your shuffleboard table. Though all players should know the basics of playing shuffleboard, choosing the right wax can make games more competitive and more fun.

For novice or intermediate players, we recommend using slower waxes as new players have a tendency to use excessive force when shooting the puck. Easing into the game of shuffleboard with a slower wax can be very helpful for inexperienced players. As you become more familiar with the game, move on to faster waxes to help develop a controlled, accurate shooting style.

Shuffleboard Wax

Shuffleboard Table wax is the powder you sprinkle on to slide pucks down the board

For advanced players, the choice of wax is up to his or her preference as they should be comfortable with both slow and fast tables. However, professional shuffleboard matches are typically played on very fast surfaces. To compete with the best, you’ll have to be able to play on a fast table.

Different wax speeds can greatly alter gameplay, so it’s best to have a variety to perform well on any table. To find the shuffleboard wax that best works with your table and skill, check out McClure’s line of premium shuffleboard wax. With four speeds to choose from and a choice of brown or yellow wax, McClure’s wax will keep your shuffleboard pucks moving at the perfect speed for you.

Looking for other accessories for your shuffleboard table? Check out our full line of shuffleboard table supplies here.

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  • Cedar Hilltoppers Snowmobile Club

    After purchasing new pucks, cleaning the table with vinager and water, applying Mcguires NXT paste wax, applying shuffleboard silicone,appling #1 sun-glo wax the problem of pucks plowing still existes. We are lost. We can’t play a game without an ocasional puck stoping.right off the bat. Please help us figure out the problem. Ron Petroskey

    • Todd McClure

      You are using the last pucks we just sold you? The pucks would not be the problem you maybe putting on too heavy of a coat of wax but I would also suggest using our wax over Sunglow. The brown wax is better than the yellow but I would look at this post here How to apply Shuffleboard Wax

  • Ken Sticka

    Clean the bottom of your pucks.

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