Complete Your Listening Room by Adding a Shuffleboard Table

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Many music lovers enjoy a solid game of shuffleboard as much as they do a really intense performance – after all, some of the best bands can be heard at bars or music halls that feature the game, along with a few cheap brews. So it’s no surprise that when many audiophiles finally graduate from enjoying their favorite albums in their bedroom of their parents house to owning a listening room of their very own, they bring a shuffleboard table with them.

Since shuffleboard has the potential to be an extremely loud game, placing a table in your home listening room makes perfect sense, as the acoustic treatments of the space will dull any noise that would bother people in other parts of the house.

To make your listening/shuffleboard room acoustically sound, start off by laying down a thick carpet, as this will absorb any reverberations that would otherwise muddy up pure sound coming from your speakers. As well, you’ll want to incorporate a lot of wall hangings in the room that will deflect noise and make sure that the room is bathed in sounds when you turn the volume up.

Since shuffleboard tables are extremely narrow, they are great for listening rooms and only provide minimal interference when it comes to the path of the sound waves.

McClure Tables offers a wide array of shuffleboard tables that reflect the tastes of a wide array of musical genres. The Montana table, for example, would fit in perfectly in any room occupied by a country music lover, while a retro Rock-Ola model may accurately reflect the tastes of a classic rock fan. We even make custom designs for some customers that are made from the finest Michigan maple.

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