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Sports fans know that hometown pride is important, and as a Michigan company, we know that a Detroit Lions man cave is just what the doctor ordered. It’s the perfect space for all your fun activities from your fantasy football draft to a fun shuffleboard tournament while the game is on. So, sit back, grab a snack and throw a few weights on your shuffleboard table while you cheer on the Lions to victory!

McClure Shuffleboard Table w/ Detroit Lions Logo

Complete your Detroit Lions man cave with the most fun memorabilia of all one of our customized shuffleboard tables! A game of shuffleboard is a great way to celebrate on game-winning nights, but it can be even better when you’re playing on a shuffleboard table emblazoned with your favorite team’s logo. Let us create your table with the classic Honalulu blue and silver, so you can proudly display your favorite Michigan team on your favorite Michigan-made table!

Big Screen TV

As the most essential of all man cave essentials (next to shuffleboard tables from McClure) a big screen TV is more than necessary to catch all the action. The bigger the TV, the better! Whether you’re unwinding on your own on a lazy football Sunday or having the guys over for a shuffleboard game night, no one will ever complain about how big your TV happens to be.

Game Worn Jersey

A Detroit Lions man cave is the prime place for a museum of sports memorabilia. Sure, it’s great to have the basics like posters, autographed photos, sports cards and anything else that has Roary stamped on it, but you can do better. Anyone looking to create the perfect room knows that they must have one item, one man cave essential, that is unique to only their room. Need an idea? A game worn jersey from a classic Lions’ player like Barry Sanders will act
as the exclamation point for your room.

Detroit Lions Comfy Chair

There is nothing better than finishing up a game of shuffleboard during a break in play, plopping down in a comfortable chair and watching the Lions finish an opponent off. Show off your pride every single time you sit down (and feel good while doing so) with a killer Detroit Lions’ chair and ottoman set. If you really love your friends, then maybe consider setting up a row of these chairs and offering everyone a comfy seat in your man cave.

Nacho Cheese Machine

While there might be a debate in some households, most believe that when the football gods proclaimed, “Let there be food,” they meant nachos. The perfect glutinous gift to yourself is the ultimate man cave essential for those that prefer the finer, golden yellow things in life. You’ll never need to leave the room to get food again, but we suggest picking up some napkins so you don’t get your shuffleboard table dirty. Remember, wipe then throw, wipe THEN throw.

If you’re a lover of football, then you know just how sacred Sundays are. You need a place where you can watch the game without the distractions of the to-do list, your annoying neighbor or the hustle and bustle of your average home. By creating a Detroit Lions man cave with some of these tricked out furnishings, you’ll have your own Fortress of Solitude that is the ideal viewing spot on Sundays.

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  • Chris

    Do you have any pictures of your Detroit Lions shuffleboards? I am very interested in one and would love to see a finished product. Also, I live in Oklahoma and was wondering what your shipping cost might be.

    • Todd McClure

      Chris we actually get the Detroit Lions direct so they are licensed for the decal. We then can customize or put on any table as well we also can build a cabinet or customize one for your needs you can see more about logo’s in this article

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