Hire an Expert to set up and install a Shuffleboard Table

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What if Setting up a shuffleboard Table looks too difficult?

If you are not the do it yourself type and putting together your own shuffleboard table seems too difficult. You can add to your cart at check out the full service installation and setup. With this service McClure tables staff will arrange a local company to receive your shuffleboard table and then bring it out to the home and install the table. This does include removal of and disposal of the crate, boxes and packing material so with the additional cost comes added service. However you have some other alternatives you can use rather than the full service approach. Companies like two men and a truck can arrange for two or even up to three or four men to come out to the home and they charge by the hour. We do offer the service at checkout with the specific option for your Shuffleboard table choosen will be displayed at checkout, but you can see all the shuffleboard set up and install options here.

Does it take an expert to set up a shuffleboard table

Unless you live near Michigan or we happen to be in the area to arrange a factory installation finding shuffleboard experts is often a daunting task.

So it does not really require an expert and we have plenty of video’s on line and mostly as shown here what is required is enough people to do the heavy lifting. When it comes to shuffleboard tables McClure’s team can walk you through how to install a shuffleboard table.

Most of the companies who sell shuffleboard tables claim to be experts but they are much more familiar with games such as Pool table, foosball or air hockey. Shuffleboard table popularity for home game room and billiard table stores has just taken off in the last few years..  So where they think a play-board should be perfectly flat or even the cabinet of the table perfectly level for a shuffleboard table they would be mistaken.  A shuffleboard table has both a sway length wise and concave or curve to the play-board across the width. So you have a cupped board and technically want both sides of the table high. So honestly if you can find anyone to do the heavy lifting, they can bolt on legs, put together your cabinet and place the board inside. From this point on you can throw some pucks and adjust the table. See the handcrafted shuffleboard tables  you can purchase directly from the team at McClure Tables. If the task of installing a shuffleboard seems too difficult they can arrange for the installation of  your shuffleboard table.  Give us a call at 800-565-0977 if you have any questions or see some of our maintenance post here on how to adjust and level a shuffleboard table.

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