Hold a Block-Party-Turned-Shuffleboard-Tournament out of Your Family’s Garage

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It’s halfway through February, and after such a rough winter for most parts of the country, many American’s are itching to start redecorating their home’s for spring. Whether that means changing window treatments in your living room or simply planning ahead for warm-weather home improvement projects, the official start date for the season is only days away, so now is the time to get cracking.

When people think of game rooms, and table shuffleboard, for that matter, they may not immediately think of fun in the great outdoors. Although the version of the game played on courts with shooters and larger weights is often played during warmer weather, you can still have a casual game on a custom McClure Tables shuffleboard that takes advantage of warmer weather.

For starters, many Americans severely underutilize their garages. Although these areas are invaluable during the colder weather, protecting your car from damaging snowfall or blistering cold, in the spring and summer, there isn’t much harm leaving your vehicle in the driveway and instead using this space as a gaming zone.

Bring your shuffleboard table into this space, open up the garage door and invite the neighbors over to have a block party based around a fun shuffleboard tournament. Since these tables are relatively thin, all you need to do is move it to the back of the garage if the weather turns on you and you want to bring in your car. Otherwise, take advantage of the warmer weather and get as close to the great outdoors as you can with the shuffleboard table.

Be sure that you lay down some padding on the concrete floor if that surface in your garage isn’t finished already. This way, the feet of your table will be protected and you can keep playing for years to come.

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  • Pam

    So are you saying your tables will survive in a non climate controlled garage? I’m in Georgia and our humidity is high. What type do you suggest?

    • Todd McClure

      Yes we use special sealers on our boards and high humidity will not effect the boards. Sorry for the delayed response

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