How to find an installer to set up your shuffleboard table?

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We offer the service of contracting out the delivery and installation of your shuffleboard table. Why does this service cost more than many e-commerce web sites who advertise less expensive white glove services? Often they are using the same per weight calculations they may use with other furniture or other items that they sell. They also could have some profit margin built into the retail mark up and can absorb some of that cost.

Because McClure Tables is manufacture, not a retailer and we sell at wholesale to the public. Two factors contribute to our higher cost for ordering the setup and installation service. One is because we sell at wholesale often the company we are contracting out to do the installation is a retailer who sells other brands of shuffleboard tables. We do not sell to retail dealers, and our prices with the discounted shipping are that local retail stores cost for a Brunswick, Olhausen or Championship shuffleboard table. He is losing the retail sale and mark up to us and wants to charge a premium price to make up for the loss of the retail mark up or lost sale. Sometimes it is because we do use contractors who don’t have retail stores, but they may have to travel a great distance. We stay pretty busy with production and sales management. The time to make phone calls and search to find an installation company is a service that we must charge a fee to provide.

One solution, however, is for you to do the leg work yourself. Below is a map we put together of the vendors or companies that we use. If you are an installer and would like to on this map, contact us at, and we will add you to this list. For the consumer, you can often save money by finding the installer directly yourself. Feel free to use the map below as a reference but also go to Google Maps and search in your area for a billard service company or even home delivery services and moving and storage companies. 

Setting up a shuffleboard table is not technical and not that difficult. Don’t let the local internet retailer fool you with his sales pitch that his team is experts at setting up game tables. Their delivery people are highly skilled with pool tables, but not shuffleboards. Shuffleboard Tables are a very specialized game, and they are not so critical on the level of the table and not supposed to be set up perfectly level. The cabinet is supposed to be high on both ends with a sway in the Shuffleboard table, so pucks are going slightly uphill on each end of the game board. See our post here on how to set up a shuffleboard table for some tips and advice. If you look at the videos at the bottom of the page I don’t think you will find setting up a shuffleboard table is that difficult. Mostly you need the human resources to do the heavy lifting. 

So there are considerable advantages to buying directly from the manufacturer you do get a wholesale price on models like this Ludington Shuffleboard Table below starting at $2895.00 that you can choose your finish, size, and other options. 

Ludington Shuffleboard Table

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  • Kris King

    Good morning.
    How do I find a contractors to put the shuffle board together. I live in pa. Ty for your time
    Ty for your time
    Kris King

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