How To Install Abacus Shuffleboard Score Counter

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Most shuffleboard tables do not come with or use the electronic score unit. The large score units look good in some rooms and on some of the tables, but the most common scoring unit is the abacus Shuffleboard Table score beads.  We carry score beads on our web site, and they will work on any shuffleboard table model. Some common questions we get with abacus score beads are.

Where to install Score Counter

The most common location is the top molding towards the table’s shooting end against the wall side. We usually line up the end of the abacus with the line to score 2 points. This way, it is not too far of a reach, but each team or player can keep a score of his points on that end of the table. You use one set of beads for each team or each color of pucks. Keep in mind if you have something like a dining top for your shuffleboard, you will have to install beads on the side of the table. This way, they are not out of the way for the dining top. Another location that many customers use is the install them on the wall.

How Do you Keep score?

The abacus score units are designed for the gamer of knock off, and the most common points are 15 or 21 points. The beads usually have two colors for each team. Our abacus beads use black and natural color wood. The game point for the winning score of 15 is the alternative color. So on the black beads, that score point would be natural and the opposite on the natural color beads. 

How To Install Abacus Score Counter?

The most common location to install score beads is on the molding edge of the shuffleboard table. You would use a similar method if installing on the side of the table. For installation on the wall, you need to use those plastic wall anchors or inserts. 

See this video here on how to install your Shuffleboard Table Score Beads.

Suppose you bought a shuffleboard table and did not get any score beads or already have a shuffleboard table and need a set of Shuffleboard Table Score Beads. We sell them on our web site; follow this link to purchase a set of Shuffleboard Table Score Beads.

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