How To Set Up McClure Handcrafted Shuffleboard Tables

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McClure Handcrafted Shuffleboard Table installation is pretty similar to all the models that we make. We have put together several videos on how to set up and install a shuffleboard table. We decided to put together this post to consolidate all the various videos in one place. Some of these videos are very old and some changes have been made so we will arrange the videos on how to set up McClure Handcrafted Shuffleboard Tables in order.


Liberty Shuffleboard Table set up

Sloan Shuffleboard Table installation

Patriot Shuffleboard Table Set Up

Veneto Two Piece Play-Board Set Up

Shuffleboard Table installation

How To Set Up Two Piece Playboard

Set Up Competitor Shuffleboard Table

Set Up Galt Shuffleboard Table

Tips On How To Use A Dolly To Move

Install Score Beads

Difficult Third Floor Installation

Shuffleboard Set Up Video 3" Board

Shuffleboard Tables are not that difficult to set up and install. The most difficult part is probably unloading and unpacking the shuffleboard Table. As long as you have the manpower who can help unload the table from the truck. Then to carry into the room or set up the cabinet on the shuffleboard is not that difficult. We have several blog posts with more information on shuffleboard tables. If you are still considering the purchase of a shuffleboard table and want to learn what to look for.

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These videos will help explain the setup and installation process involved with a typical McClure Tables Handcrafted Shuffleboard Table. After a review of these videos if you feel that it is more than you want to tackle. Then see our post here on how to find an installer to set up your shuffleboard Table for you.

We hope you find these helpful in learning about what is involved in how to set up McClure Handcrafted Shuffleboard Table.

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  • David

    Is it possible to have a 17 foot table made?

    • Todd McClure

      Yes we custom make all of your tables so you can get one custom made in a 17 foot size

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