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In America’s “Beer City,” Shuffleboard Is King

Milwaukee is known for being a big beer town, as it is the home to several breweries and a bevy of bars, making it a destination for fine-brew aficionados the world over despite its relatively small size. That is why the city has devoted an entire month to celebrating the best bars in town, and, lucky for shuffleboard fans, many of the finest establishments in town feature table shuffleboard.

One spot where patrons can’t get enough of the shuffleboard table is Stubby’s Gastrogrub and Beer Bar on 2060 N. Humboldt Boulevard. Their table is a little over 20 feet long and includes an electric scoreboard. Although it takes up a lot of space in the bar, the owners took advantage of an alley between the front entrance and behind the stools of the main bar to take advantage of an area that would otherwise not have been used. For $2 a game, customers can play on teams of one, two or four in matches that get everyone in the joint involved.

Another great shuffleboard location is Champion’s Pub on 2417 N. Bartlett Avenue, which features a much more traditional table. Instead of an electric sign, their 16-foot long table requires players to keep score on their own, although they can step up to play completely for free. This bar is famous for hosting many shuffleboard tournaments over the years, and even hosts its own shuffleboard league on Wednesday nights.

Owner Bobby Greenya tells local entertainment website that the table has been a huge hit since he transported it from its original home in a now-closed club downtown, especially among couples. He told the source that many lovebirds will play on the same team, route each other on, then enjoy a few drinks at the bar to close out the night.

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