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Kush Model Comparison

Kush Shuffleboard 

Located in:


The Craftsmen:

The Kush Shuffleboard Table model the Craftsmen side by side comparison

  • Cabinet construction Standard is Poplar or Tulip-wood with optional upgrade to Cherry wood.
  • PlayboardStandard 2.25″ Appalachian Maple? playing surface with a 1/4″ polymer coating – Net wood play board thickness 2″ Thick3″ North American Hard maple Maple playing surface available as an upgrade with polyurethane finish. $800 more
  • Custom Stain $450 more
  • Leather padded corners upgrade $550 more
  • Corners metal welded angle Iron cabinetry
  • Price range starting with options above at $16000

We do not know much about Kush shuffleboard tables, but their web site is very vague, and we do know like virtually every brand we compare or know of sold they have a multi-tier distribution policy. The factory gets one price, the resale dealer or retailer charges you another rate. When you buy from retail dealers or resellers then more of what your paying is going into marketing rather than top quality materials and craftsmanship to used in the manufacturing of the product.

McClure Tables Shuffleboards

Located In:

Grand Rapids Michigan.

The Limbert:

The Limbert Arts and Craft shuffleboard Table

The Limbert Shuffleboard

Side by Side comparison The McClure Handcrafted Difference

Cabinet Construction Ribbon Cut African Mahogany standard other wood available upon request.

  • Playboard Standard 3″ thick hard maple with lifetime warranty Piano Polyester Finihs
  • Custom Stain upon request no upcharge
  • Leather Padded Corners standard
  • Corners Dovetail joinery
  • Price Range as standard construction $15,995
Available now on our web site the latest in a series of models we plan to roll out in 2019 with a modern forged theme using some metal formed legs and other metal artwork, but still keeping with the elegant furniture cabinetry that McClure Tables is a well-renowned builder. If you see a design or style don’t settle for companies that have little experience in making shuffleboard tables. The heart of the table is the hard maple playboard buy from artisans who specialize in making playboards with over a decade experience in the glue-up, finish and design of the hard maple butcher block playboards. See here the Limbert Shuffleboard Table.

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