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Over the years we’ve come across many fine locally made products and tried to shine our own little light on them. Now, we’ve gathered together all the McClure Approved Made in Michigan products we’ve been lucky enough to stumble over and organized them, roughly, by category. Take a look.

Snacks and Beverages – Made in Michigan

Dark Horse Brewing Co.

Dark Horse Brewing - Made in Michigan

Based out of Marshall, MI. Dark Horse Brewing Co. has emerged as one of the shining stars within the Michigan craft brewery community. With an exquisite eye for quality and an unwavering dedication to staying true to their roots, this Michigan brewery has found a way to stand out from the rest of the pack. So much in fact that they were recently chosen to be the subjects of an entire TV series on History Channel called Dark Horse Nation. Our personal favorite is Crooked Tree IPA, an ale inspired by the west coast but brewed with Michigan style!






North Peak Brewing Company

Headquartered in Traverse City, the North Peak Brewing Company has become a well-recognized Michigan brewery since its founding in 1997. Known for staple brews such as the Diabolical IPA and Siren Amber Ale, North Peak offers a variety of delicious seasonal and year-round craft beer. For the beer-drinker in your life, North Peak Brewing Company’s craft beer is sure to please. North Peak beer is available at a variety of Michigan’s biggest retail chains, though more information on where to find North Peak beer can be found on the company’s website.





Chateau Grand Traverse


This 2nd generation, family owned winery located in Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, MI provides both a uniquely amazing wine and an unmatched experience as wineries go. Pair this with your favorite gourmet cheese for any occasion (chopped on a famous McClure butcher block cutting board of course!). Chateau Grand Traverse has been carefully growing and crafting fine wines in Northern Michigan for 41 years. Our family tradition of winemaking is full of passion and it can be tasted in each bottle.







Leelanau CellarsMichigan-Made-Gifts-LeelanauCellars

For the wine-lover in your life, Leelanau Cellars’ assortment of quality wines make for a wonderful stocking stuffer. Founded 40 years ago in 1974, Leelanau operates more than 90 acres of vineyards in Michigan’s Grand Traverse area renowned for delicious wine. The wine is available in many of Michigan’s grocery stores, so keep your eye out for Leelaunau Cellars on the shelves or visit the company’s website for more information.





Jones Soda

The state of Michigan helped put Jones Soda on the map in the initial years after Jones Soda was founded in 1995. The creators of Jones wanted to show its appreciation in a way that could truly make a difference. To say thank you for the years of support, Jones Soda has partnered with Intrastate Distributors Inc. to bottle Jones Sodas products in the city of Detroit and give back to the city that showed it’s support many years ago.







Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company


What started out as merely an idea, has turned into a full blown three location operation based on the concept that different coffees have different needs. With this methodology in mind, the good folks at Great Lakes Coffee treat each blend and cup of coffee they serve with the same attention to detail towards their craft that we put forth when creating our shuffleboard tables and butcher block products.






Hy’s Cider Mill

While there is an absolute plethora of quality cider mills, Hy’s Cider Mill located in Romeo, MI has certainly been a favorite of the McClure Tables staff. Known for their sweet and savory apple cider and world famous honey crisp apples, there have been many-a-game of shuffleboard played while drinking a glass of cold or a mug of hot apple cider.









Doug Murdick’s Fudge


Founded in 1964, Doug Murdick’s Fudge has made a name for itself with some of Michigan’s most delicious fudge. Cooked in a copper kettle and cooled on the store’s marble tables, Doug Murdick’s fudge makes for a scrumptious stocking stuffer this holiday season. The fudge is available at select retailers throughout the state or at the store’s two locations in Traverse City and Acme. With more than 15 flavors of delectable fudge, Doug Murdick’s has the perfect holiday treat for everyone.








Sanders Fine Chocolates

If you’re from Michigan, it is almost impossible to not have788f0f489d41c5881a5f2ad9e901a9af enjoyed what could be considered the 9th wonder of the world, Sanders hot fudge. They also make a simply divine caramel topping and quite a lot else besides. Sanders was founded in the Michigan tradition in 1875 and remains a staple in any Michigan dessert to this very day.


Kar’s Nuts

Michigan-Made-Gifts-KarsNutsKar’s Nuts was founded in 1933 in a tiny kitchen near Detroit’s Tiger Stadium, and served as a vendor to baseball fans entering the stadium. The company has since expanded and moved north to Madison Heights, and Kar’s delicious roasted nuts have evolved into a nationwide brand. Offering delicious, healthy roasted nuts and trail mix assortments, Kar’s products are sure to be a treat for friends and family. More information or where to find Kar’s Nuts can be found on the company website.







Grand Rapids Popcorn


Grand Rapids Popcorn offers a variety of delicious gourmet popcorn for the perfect salty stocking stuffer this December. Founded in 1944, the popcorn company offers more than 30 flavors of gourmet popcorn, ranging from classic popcorn style to uniquely-made speciality flavors. For a delicious, edible gift for family or friends this holiday season, go with Grand Rapids Popcorn. Their products are available at select retailers in Michigan, or through the Grand Rapids Popcorn website.









Charley’s Chips

Charley’s Chips, a local business based out of Wyoming, MI boasts a unique style of creating homemade chips that they claim has never been done before. What started out as a small operation that began in the back of a pool hall has blossomed into a well oiled machine that produces their unique food product 24/7/365 servicing restaurants and stores all over Michigan.








Better Made Snack Foods

Better Made Potato Chips
This week’s ‪#‎MadeInMichigan‬ feature Better Made Snack Foods has been making potato chips better since 1930! These days Better Made Foods uses 60 million pounds of potatoes annually to produce some of the best chips you will every have. Perfect with a beer or a sandwich (or both), Better Made are just made better.








Detroit Popcorn

Detroit Popcorn has been a Detroit staple since 1923 providing the highest quality and variety of snacks that are hard to put down.
Try the cheese corn as it’s perfect for a game of shuffleboard (don’t confuse it with the shuffleboard table cheese though!).






Blis Hot Sauces

Blis Hot Sauce

BLiS Blast Hot Pepper Sauce, is a blend of chipotle, arbol and cayenne chilies aged for up to a year in seasoned oak barrels that once held Kentucky bourbon, BLiS maple syrup and Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast StoutOut. How does it taste? Pure Blis! (out of Ann Arbor, Michigan)








Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauces

Clancys HotSauce
Clancy’s Fancy Hot Sauces, out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, offers up a selection of hot sauces and BBQ sauces that bring enhanced flavor and not just heat. Now available in your local supermarkets. You will not be disappointed.







Goods – Made in Michigan



A Detroit staple since the 1800’s, Carhartt is a clothing line that falls in line with it’s Detroit lineage by providing industrial strength clothing that still has a midwest style to it. Originally conceptualized for railroad workers, this Michigan clothing line has expanded it’s line of clothing to match today’s urban aesthetic while remaining true to it’s core audience of people who are tough and want their clothes to be even tougher!








M22 was created to express a passion and brand for Northern Michigan. It’s embodied by the simplicity and appreciation for natural wonders found within the great state of Michigan such as bays, beaches and bonfires, friends and family everywhere. If you’ve been “up north” before, you’ve probably been on the famous M22 highway that tells you that civilization and all your worries are miles away.





Moosejaw Mountaineering

MooseJaw Mountaineering T-Shirt
Moosejaw Mountaineering has everything you’ll need for outdoor playtime.  Clothers, boots, outerwear, camping supplies and more, Moosejaw has it. Shop online or in person on North Avis in Madison Heights, MI.







Stay tuned for our more editions of our “Made in Michigan” and McClure Approved series as we continue to highlight businesses from our wonderful state. We know we’ve only just scratched the surface.   These are just SOME of our favorite made in Michigan products.  Check back on a regular basis to see our upcoming product spotlights and don’t forget to check out McClure’s handcrafted, high-quality shuffleboard tables and our beautiful butcher block products.




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