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McClure Tables is known for building hand crafted shuffleboard tables one at a time. Now would like to announce our latest web site Where you will find the same hand crafted quality but in a store front where items are already made in stock and ready to ship. We just launched to offer three new models of Shuffleboard tables that we make in production run fashion. We engineered these tables to the same high quality standards as you would find any of our handcrafted shuffleboard tables made one at a time.  We started with locally harvested hard maple throughout the construction of each of the three models.

We would like to introduce you to our latest line of Shuffleboard Tables starting first with:

The Liberty Shuffleboard Table


Liberty Shuffleboard TableLiberty Finishes

The Liberty Shuffleboard Table features solid hard maple legs, cabinet and play board. McClure Tables uses the finest locally harvested hard maple to make the play surface in house. We make the play board for the Liberty 2″ thick and 18′ wide to give you still a full width feel and play yet a cabinet that overall width is still less than 25″. Most tables in the starting price point of the Liberty model shuffleboard table only offer a 16″ wide play surface. Experience the full action and fun of an 18″ wide board and choose from black or Chestnut color finish. We stock tables in 12 foot shuffleboard table length as well as 14 foot length shuffleboards. The liberty shuffleboard table is available in all finish options and sizes at McClure Tables.

Quick Ship in Mocha or Chesnut

The Michigander Shuffleboard Table

Michigander Shuffleboard Table

The Michigander model is also made with solid hard maple legs and cabinet with our signature traditional finish play board made with the finest Michigan Hard Maple wood. We process our locally harvested hard maple in house to prepare for glue up and assembly of the complete butcher block hard maple play surface in our state of the art 18 foot Radio Frequency Press. We not only have one of the largest presses in the industry it also boast 45 KW generator which allows us to use hard maple and not compromise quality choosing the lesser stability of soft maple to save money on material and compensate for lower generator press capacity.  We only use the finest Hard Michigan Maple for all our play-boards. The Michigander has a full 20″ wide surface 3″ thick. Each table comes complete with climate adjusters installed and board packed in a crate ready to play. Some assembly is required for the cabinet but for the play board simply lifts out of the crate and into the cabinet cradle and you would be ready to play. The legs and cabinet are all done in hard maple and we stock this table in a 14 foot shuffleboard table lengths and 16 foot size shuffleboards in hand rubbed black finish or Heirloom. We have these in stock for immediate shipment at


The Texan Shuffleboard

Texan Shuffleboard TableTexan Hickory

Last but not least our Texan shuffleboard table we made featuring a solid Hickory Horse collar, Legs and trim on the sub frame. The Texan is made with Michigan hard maple and Hickory wood throughout. We have metal lone star emblems over the solid hard hickory cover over the two cabinet half’s. The Texan shuffleboard table was designed to give the traditional look and feel of the old Rock Ola tables with less of the Retro styling. You get deep massive Horse collars made with beautiful hand selected Hickory giving both the feel and the look for a very traditional shuffleboard game. We have a 3″ 20″ wide board and with our exclusive traditional lifetime warranty finish you get both the old original sound of a weight sliding on hard maple and the flexibility of adjusting the board to your own personal play preference.


If you are looking for a new Shuffleboard table and don’t want to break the bank, look no further than for a complete selection of shuffleboard tables in stock for quick shipment.

We also have a collection of cutting boards, chopping blocks and some kitchen Island carts in inventory for quick shipment. Most items are 20 to 30% less than having a custom made piece one at a time. Save now look no further than






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Showing 8 comments
  • Philip Lisi

    Hi, there, McClure!

    Super excited about the new site and new line of tables. I am very interested in a 14 foot Texan table. Absolutely love this style. Question: Would it be possible to get the Texan without the star emblems on the side? For me, this would be a perfect table without the stars. Let me know. If so, please advise me as to the pricing and procedure for purchase. Oh, and do you happen to have a payment plan with no interest like the PayPal Credit program that just divided the amount over a number of months?Thank you!


    Philip Lisi
    Lancaster, PA

    • Todd McClure

      Philip Lisa Yes you can order without the stars, we have much lower price on the net site as we make in production runs, if we schedule standard model with no changes we can put into a normal production run give you the net pricing and still get without the stars. We are not sure we are going to leave the stars on the model anyway.

  • MIke Bonwell

    i would like pricing on a 12 and 14ft Michigander table. I live just north of Indy…how much does freight normally cost as well

    zip code is 46075

    • Todd McClure

      Mike our web site includes free shipping on we do have the Michigander in stock on the web site and you can use the freight calculator for shipping, but a rough guess if you are asking shipping cost on the net site to Indy from us I would say 250 to 300.

  • Al Ticer

    in the 60’s the shuffleboard tables in the pool halls had built in bumpers so you could bank the pucks for better placement.

    do you make this type or know who does?

    • Todd McClure

      Yes we have made these but they are kind of custom here is a picture of one Modern Bumper Shuffleboard Table

  • Scott

    Is it possible to just purchase the maple playing surface. I would like to see if it’s an option as I may build my own table aside from the playing surface.

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