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McClure Tables for a Cause: The Bissell Foundation’s Blocktail Party

Earlier this month, we had the privilege to be a part of the Bissell Foundation’s Blocktail Event (aka the best dog-gone party in town). The Bissell Foundation is an organization that strives to reduce the number of animals in shelters through pet fostering, adoptions, spay/neuter programs, and microchipping. They help pets find homes in all 50 states and Canada. Each year the Bissell Foundation holds a Blocktail Event here in Grand Rapids to raise funds for their work.

Hand-crafted Shuffleboards are our passion at McClure, and we especially love being in the Grand Rapids area. Community functions like the Blocktail Event make doing business in Michigan even more special to us! We’re a company that uses only locally sourced materials because we see the good it does for our local community. The Bissell Foundation has been able to help rescue pets not only in our local community but all over the U.S. and Canada. Helping so many communities is a cause that we can get behind!

If you’ve ever been to our shop, you’ve probably met our two puppies! We can’t imagine not having them around while we’re making custom shuffleboards. When we discovered that Blocktail Event was being held here in Grand Rapids again, we decided we had to donate a shuffleboard to their silent auction. How could we not be a part of a cause that loves pets as much as we do? On June 11th, we loaded up our Contempo Shuffleboard and our pups to attend the Blocktail Event! Our puppies had just as much fun as we did, and lots of money was raised. We were honored to be a small part of a cause that changes the lives of so many pets and families across our country.

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