Mix Bowling and Shuffleboard to Make You a Better Shooter

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The similarities between shuffleboard and bowling are vast, as both games require good aim, avoiding the alley, and strong shooting. Aside from the obvious variance in scale between a shuffleboard table and a bowling alley, they are essentially kindred sports. This is why you can even purchase small bowling pins to use on your shuffleboard, subbing out the ball for your weights when knocking down pins.

While setting up the basic triangle with your pins is the standard practice for playing a traditional game of bowling, you can also use these accessories as a form of target practice. This will help you build up skill when you play a game that requires expert aim, such as Crazy Eights.

Line up your pins along one side of the table starting at the first foul line all the way through to the deuce and trey zones. Aim for each pin while shooting from the opposing side of the table to finesse your shooting from a particular angle. Use the basic technique where your pinky and ring finger guide your puck along the side of gutter by holding onto the main alley. To prepare yourself for an intense training session, start off by shooting from the side you feel weakest aiming from, usually depending on your handedness.

Once you have successfully knocked over all of the pins going up the length of one side of the table, switch it up and practice shooting using the other hand. Once all of these pins have toppled, line them up on both sides of the table for a third round of practice and start alternating hands in knocking each pin down.

After you have mastered this obstacle course, set up a series of different challenges placing the pins strategically throughout the shuffleboard. Incorporate harder angles by placing pins close to one another while trying your best not to knock over more than one at a time. This will make your accuracy better when you are trying to move your opponent’s puck off of a table without hurting your own odds when you partake in a traditional shuffleboard challenge.

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