Oprah Interview with Paula Deen Showing a McClure Shuffleboard

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What we liked about this was at the very end Oprah and Paula Deen finish the interview talking over a McClure Shuffleboard Table. We actually spoke with Paula’s husband when the shuffleboard table was purchased from McClure Tables several years ago. We did not even know it was for her, until our dealer who set it up for them told us that the table was for Paula Deen. Then it was another customer who brought this story to our attention. I thought I would post this interview and share on our blog.

Paula Deen’s Humble Beginnings and Dreams for Her Family

While taking Oprah on a tour of her Savannah, Georgia, dream home, Paula Deen opens up about her impoverished upbringing in Albany, Georgia, and the financial struggles she faced during her first marriage. By the time she was 40, Paula, her first husband and their two sons had moved almost 20 times and had four homes repossessed. Watch as Paula reveals the dreams she had for her family and why she’ll never take her success for granted.

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