Personalize Your Shuffleboard Table with a Custom Logo

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Each McClure shuffleboard table is custom made one at a time. You can choose the size, wood, and finish color for the cabinet. You can even add a personal touch, like a custom logo or graphics, to the playing surface of your shuffleboard. Below are some examples of shuffleboard tables we have made with custom graphics and logos. In order to have custom graphics added to your shuffleboard you need to can send us the full color artwork you’d like added. Then we can have a vinyl decal produced, or you can send us the decals, and we can attach to your playing surface. You can have a logo on each end of the table or you normally we put one logo in the center with our McClure Logo on each end.





One other way to personalize your shuffleboard table is if you order an electronic score unit we can add your name or company to the score unit printed face. All of these custom options are $250 more for the printing and custom graphic designs.

Customized Shuffleboard Score Unit

We can customize the plexiglass face of the Shuffleboard score unit for you also

All McClure shuffleboards are handcrafted and you have many options to personalize and customize your new shuffleboard table.

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  • J Valdivia

    Hello I am interested in doing a suffleboard with our company logo. I wanted to see how expensive it is and whether you can deliver to San Francisco CA or have another vendor you can refer us to. Thank you!

    • Todd McClure

      Thanks for your interest in McClure! We can in fact deliver to San Francisco and all of our shuffleboard tables include free shipping. The cost varies depending on the table model and length, but you can find pricing for our tables on our website here.

      We charge an extra $250 for custom logos for the printing and custom graphic designs. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at (800) 565-0977.


      McClure Tables

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