Plan a Singles-Only Valentine’s Day Party That Involves Shuffleboard, Singles, and Sweets

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Although Valentine’s Day is a time of year for loved ones to be romantic with one another, not all of us are so lucky as to have a significant other during this holiday. There are benefits to this, as you save money on purchasing roses, jewelry, chocolates and an expensive dinner, plus you can spend the holiday celebrating the single life with fellow bachelors and bachelorettes.

Singles have more fun, anyway, so invite all of your friends over to your game room to enjoy an singles-only Valentine’s Day shuffleboard tournament. The gathering doesn’t have to necessarily be mean spirited, but it can definitely have a little fun at the expense of some of your more lovey-dovey friends and family.

Have all the guests bring something sweet for everyone to enjoy. Make this a deserts party – avoid boxes of chocolate and instead encourage everyone to bake something delicious and bite sized for a night of endless snacking. A Valentine’s pot-luck will be great fun and only accentuate the joy everyone will get from a vigorous match of shuffleboard.

If the gender dynamics of those in attendance support it, make it a game of girls versus boys. A battle of the sexes is a fun way to buck the Valentine’s tradition, not to mention an easy way to split up players. Either play on teams of two or have everyone in the party participate in a round.

An easy game of knock-off is great for beginners, but it is also fun to have a more challenging match at some point in the night. Longer games like Crazy Eight or Horse Collar will get tensions running high, but ultimately result in a great bonding experience for you and your fellow singles.

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