Play like the Spies Do in Your 007 Inspired Game Room

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With the recent release of the new James Bond movie “Skyfall” taking the box office by storm, it’s clear that the debonair super-spy is more popular than ever. As a man who isn’t afraid to take on any challenge, what better icon to model your homes game room after than 007 himself?

You can turn your own home into a mini-Casino Royale by taking the stylish, sophisticated, and always fun aesthetic that is a key ingredient of the best James Bond movies and instilling it into the look of your game room.

Since you can’t actually operate a casino from your own home, opt for a stylish shuffleboard table instead of a roulette wheel as a centerpiece. A mocha stained Veneto shuffleboard table for example has the sculpted elegance of gaming furniture found on the main floor in a Monte Carlo resort, which will help establish a design direction for the rest of the space.

Keep the color scheme in the room dark and intimate, employing rich red carpeting on the floors and darker walls to offset the look.

Paint a 007-inspired mural on one of the walls that utilizes the signature spiraling gun barrel that is seen in most of the Bond films’ opening sequences. Pick your favorite James, whether that be the original 007 Sean Connery or the latest super-spy Daniel Craig, to emulate in the center of the scope.

Don’t be afraid to hang up posters or memorabilia from Bond films through the years on the wall, but go the extra step and frame them using faux-gold pieces you can pick up at your local crafts store.

The rest of the room should be sleek and elegant, but also playful. You don’t want to over-do-it trying to make a space look too fancy so incorporate a few fun gadgets into the layout of the room. For instance, you could take a murphy bed approach to a seating arrangement and have a cushioned bench or mattress fold down from a fixture that looks like a closet.

You don’t have to be a member of Her Majesty’s Secret Service to be able to play like one, so let the greatest spy in the movies inspire your game room.

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