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Rock-Ola Antique Shuffleboard Table Restoration

What is the value of an old antique shuffleboard table? We often get asked this question, but the value really depends usually on the original condition and what the buyer is willing to pay. We have seen old American, National, and other brands, but the only model that seems to garner some attention and demand a higher price is the Rock-Ola. The antique Rock-Ola tables were only made for two years back in 1947 and 1948. Considering this fact, along with the Rock-Ola name is the main reason why these tables are the most sought after models. However, the value is often based on what the buyer will pay and what condition is the table in. We have all seen Antique Road Show enough to know that the more changes and replaced parts on an antique the less valuable it becomes. With many of the restorations of the antique Rock-Ola tables we have seen they are often so far changed from the original we cannot see any real antique value to the piece. Maybe a little nostalgia but the antiquity value has been drastically reduced.

When we restore a table we take great pains to keep it as original if possible. This means keeping the glass inlay and not replace with walnut wood or some other simulated inlay. Because we make authentic reproductions we have all the original replacement parts, but the idea of a restoration is to keep some of the old. So we would on an original keep the chrome even though it may have some dings or dents, we would keep all the original glass if we need to replace one or two pieces we would do it on the side hopefully that would be next to the wall. The stainless steel covers would be kept original and basically you would wash the table down and refinish the parts with wear. However, you would not run the side cabinet boards through a sander and make them look like brand new. Here are some pictures to a fully restored original this was kept in tack for antiquity value:

Many of the tables that have been restored look like brand new and many of the original components have been replaced or exchanged. The sides and end is often sanded down and refinished to new condition. This is nice but you really no longer have an antique but an old restored Rock-Ola shuffleboard. In this case, why not just buy a new Rock-Ola shuffleboard table from McClure Tables.

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Moving, trying to get an estimate on the value of our Rock-Ola 22’shuffleboard . Can you give me any guidance?

I can Email pictures.


Thanks for the comment! We can help you estimate the cost of the table, but it’s hard to say without getting a look at the quality or build. Feel free to give us a call at (800) 565-0977 with more information and we can help you out with an estimate.


McClure Tables

Looking for a vintage 22′ long shuffleboard. Can you email the web so I can see some, or must all be built customized after taking t I you? If you have any for sake that are vintage I’d prefer to just buy one if you have any. Thank you very much. Mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your interest in McClure! We have quite a few different 22′ long shuffleboard models that you can view here: 22′ Shuffleboard Tables. Let us know if any of those will work for you, and if not, give us a call at (800) 565-0977 with more information about what you’re looking for and we’ll definitely be able to help out!

Take care,

McClure Tables

I am in northern michigan and my 22 ft. shuffle board needs to be replaned and refinished. Is there anyone in my area that dose that?

Hi Troz,

Thanks for your comment! We unfortunately are not aware of anyone in your area that refurbishes shuffleboard tables, though we could definitely help you out if you are able to get the table to the Grand Rapids area. If you’re interested in pricing or learning more about our refurbishing process, feel free to give us a call at 800-565-0977.


McClure Tables

I have a set of old National shuffleboard weights that I’d like to get restored. Is there someone you can recommend?


Randy Moore

Not for restore weights we can restore a shuffleboard table for weights alone try a local machine shop or polish and plating operation.

I have an American Shuffle Board Company 12′ cushion table that needs a little bit of love, specifically the rails. I’m wondering if there is any guidance you could provide on how to remove the rails so I could send them in and have them reconditioned? Thanks.

I am not sure do you have a cushion style table? Or rails do you mean the cabinet side? It is not easy for us to repair just a part we can completely restore a table but that can run several thousand dollars. If you are talking the cushions or bumpers try a local billiard supply store for help. Todd

We have a lot of money as you can see from answers to your last post to restore them. To us the old electro-mechanical Score units are the gem the cabinets were not really that well build. The design is cool the retro look but we make them brand new today and have the trademark for Rock-Ola shuffleboard tables. They made the horse collar, legs and everything but the side aprons with the glass diamonds out of poplar wood. That is a lower priced wood that stains well but not the high quality we make the new ones with today such as Rock Hard Maple, American Black Walnut or American Cherry. We also only build about 8 Rock Ola models per year they made 5000 to 7,000 units a year pretty mass produced factory assembly line production.

Yes we do are you wanting just the playboard restored or complete table? A complete restoration runs around $5000 to $5500. The playboard alone on the Rock Ola models they often were cracked and split we can restore American boards usually for about $1200 but the Rock Ola to repair cracks and splits can run up to $1500. Contact us at or call 800-565-0977

We have a 22′ American shuffleboard that we are trying to sell and find out how much it is worth can you help. Very

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