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How To Set Up A Shuffleboard League


Take your shuffleboard love to the next level by starting a shuffleboard league. With winter still in full force and the dog days of summer feeling like they are a million miles away, we’re forced to get our kicks indoors. Since table shuffleboard is already an indoor game, a shuffleboard league is the perfect way to beat those winter blues. Some friends and shuffleboard tables are all you need for these good times.

So you want to start a shuffleboard league and you’re wondering who to invite. Do any of your friends participate in softball leagues or football leagues? They could be missing a winter social activity, and shuffleboard just might be the perfect solution. Since shuffleboard is easy to learn and play, anyone with any interest can join the league, so it’s not just limited to people with athletic abilities either. Teams composed of two players each are ideal for a shuffleboard league, although you can play doubles with four-player teams as well.

A shuffleboard league can also be a family-friendly affair, especially if you have your own shuffleboard tables. You can schedule weekly or bi-weekly shuffleboard games and set up the league nights to be family nights as well, with potluck dinners. Make it interesting by instituting a rule that whoever plays the worst game has to bring a special treat for everyone to enjoy during the next league night, such as cookies or brownies. This might be incentive to play especially competitively against the cooks in the family!


It goes without saying that you can’t have a shuffleboard league without shuffleboard tables to use. If you have one in your very own home game room, you might volunteer it for your shuffleboard league, particularly if you plan to form a family league. When you use your own table, you can comfortably clean, wipe dry, and apply shuffleboard powder as needed. You can also practice whenever the mood strikes.

You also need to determine the particular shuffleboard game that you’ll be playing in your league as well as how many points you will go to in each game. We recommend Knock Off, which is usually played up to either 15 or 21 points. Depending on how much time you have for your shuffleboard league, you can go with either option. Just pick one and be consistent throughout all games.

When it comes to creating the schedule for your shuffleboard league, the important thing is to make sure that everyone gets to play each other at least once. The match-ups should change each week so that everyone plays someone different each time. Make sure to keep track of wins and losses so that at the end of your league’s season, you can also set up your own tournament.

Once you square away the details, making your own shuffleboard league is a piece of cake. Shuffleboard tables (in a home game room or venue for the event), friends and family, and a couple hours a week to play, and your league will be off and running!


6 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Shuffleboard League

  1. DEBBIE says:


    1. Todd McClure says:

      Try to TSA table shuffleboard association web site

  2. Charlie Perry says:

    Our club has one table would this be enough to run a league?

    1. Todd McClure says:

      Yes you can start a league with just one shuffleboard table

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