Which Shuffleboard Personality Are You?

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ShuffleboardPersonality-300x300Have you ever thought about how you play shuffleboard before? Are you super aggressive or always relaxed? Do you help the person you are playing against or do you care too much about winning? No matter which way you actually play, you will fit into one of our shuffleboard personality types.

Ready to find out who you truly are on the shuffleboard table? Answer these questions and let McClure Tables help you discover something about your shuffleboard personality.



A. Doesn’t matter! I’m going to win either way.
B. Meh.
C. It depends on the game.
D. Everyone wins when we are playing shuffleboard.
E. 15 or 21


A. Howler Monkey
B. Sloth
C. Zebra
D. Panther
E. Lion


A. You throw excess wax at your opponent.
B. It doesn’t really matter.
C. Let me consult the official rule book.
D. Whatever is on the table will do the trick.
E. It doesn’t matter you’re going to win either way.




A. LL Cool J “Mama Said Knock You Out”
B. Steve Miller Band “The Joker”
C. Bobby Fuller Four “I Fought The Law [And The Law Won]”
D. Survivor “Eye of the Tiger”
E. Joe Esposito “The Best Around [Theme From The Karate Kid]”

Add up the amount of each letter you selected and find out which shuffleboard personality type you are based on the categories below. Head to our last blog, The McClure Guide To Shuffleboard Personalities, and find out more about your specific personality type:

Mostly A’s: There is simply no way around it… You’re a Trash Talker. You chat during inopportune moments and throw verbal smack your opponent’s way, no matter whether they are playing well or not.

Mostly B’s: Perk up! You’re the Passive Player and you need to change that. Get more involved in the game and don’t ever leave an opponent behind because you can always make a comeback.

Mostly C’s: They don’t call you The Referee for nothing. You carry around a shuffleboard rule book with you at all times and make sure that the game’s scoring is kept to a T. We’ll call you when we need an official for our next tournament.

Mostly D’s: There is an effortless way that you throw a shuffleboard puck and that’s why you are The Natural. As the ultimate cool, calm and collected player, you enjoy the game of shuffleboard for what it is… Lots of fun.

Mostly E’s: Remember Bill Murray as Big Ern in Kingpin? His flash and dash probably made him a favorite of yours and that’s why you’re The Kingpin. You have all the skill of The Natural and a little bit extra machismo for good nature.

Head to our last blog, The McClure Guide To Shuffleboard Personalities, and find out more about your specific personality type.

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