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How to adjust your shuffleboard table level once you have the shuffleboard table cabinet set up is often very misunderstood. Here we will explain how to adjust a shuffleboard table for gameplay properly. Many of the Gameroom retail store installation technicians are very skilled at level pool tables. Shuffleboard Tables, on the other hand, are not as precise as billiard tables. The billiard tables are difficult to set up as you often have three pieces of slate, they have to be perfectly level, and you have to seal the seams on the slate and install the billiard table cloth. When the technician has finished setting up a billiard table, he does not need to play on it to check the level. A shuffleboard table leveling tip is the installer or homeowner must play or toss some pucks to check or fine-tune the level.

Most of our customers either install the table themselves or have a handyman, local moving and storage company, or builder assistance. The most difficult aspect of setting up a shuffleboard table is the physical lifting and handling of the playboard. They can be very heavy, especially on the larger size tables. In this article, we will focus on how to adjust the level of a shuffleboard table.

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Leveling the Cabinet

The first thing is to level the cabinet, and you do not have to get too accurate. Just give it a basic adjustment before you put the playboard into place. You want to get the cabinet-level side to side and do not need too accurate of a level. A simple bullet level will suffice. You may have the cabinet-level, and then when you place the playboard in, you will notice a gap between the playboard and carpet on the ends. Raize that side until the board sits flat on the carpet. On the 12 foot or shorter tables, you can not put a sway in the cabinet. However, on the 14 foot and longer tables, you want the tables’ ends to be slightly higher. This way, the pucks will slow down as they get to the scoring zone and not just constantly fall off the table. If you have the cabinet end too high, the puck will slide back. You do not want that to happen. You want the bubble on the level to lean slightly towards the end of the board, but not so much the pucks will slide back just enough to keep them from falling off the end of the board so easy.


Prepare Shuffleboard Table for Game Play

Nest after placing the board into the cabinet and make some more final adjustments on the cabinet. You need to apply some silicone spray and wax the table just like you would to prepare for gameplay. See this post here for more detailed information on how to wax your shuffleboard table. You will need to put down a light coat of wax and start to throw some pucks to check the level. The first thing is to throw pucks down the center of the playboard to check the cabinet’s level.

Adjusting the Climate adjusters

The next step is to fine-tune the playboard with the adjustment of the climate adjusters. Find out more about climate adjusters here on this post. After you have the pucks slide down the center of the playboard and feel the cabinet is level, the next test is to check the board’s concave. At McClure Tables, we send out all our shuffleboard tables with the climate adjusters set to a concave board. You will need to use the climate adjusters to adjust the level to the proper amount of concave. Do not make the mistake that all of the issues are in the climatic adjusters. If you notice the puck on one side drift too far inside, but on the other side, it hugs the rail. Then the side where the pucks break in too much leg may be too high.

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      You are talking about the electronic part of the score unit? Try a local pinball repair company that can work on antique pinball machines. These score units were electro mechanical we do not work on them

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