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McClure Tables is the highest-rated shuffleboard manufacture online. It is part of their direct marketing business model. We do not rely on resellers or retail stores to sell and market our shuffleboard tables. Most of the business comes from reputation and word-of-mouth advertising. As a small family-run business, the team of craftsmen at McClure Tables takes great care and pride in their handcrafted shuffleboard tables. When we say small, our facility is 30,000 square feet with a massive radio frequency press 18 feet long for glue-up our hard maple play-boards, but our staff is a team of 6 employees. Everyone pitches in together when we have to glue up the playboards but often, the same people who pack and carpet your table may have been the cabinet builder. One Team member, Barb, is in the office and usually answers the phone and provides customer service and support. Four of our workers, Dan, Jose, Andy, and Sam, are all cabinet makers and woodworkers, then Frank does the spray finish work. Meet the team here below in this picture

Shuffleboard Team

McClure Team Thank You for Great Shuffleboard Table Reviews

The Team at McClure Tables would like to thank our customers for such great reviews. We try very hard to treat every customer as a family, from the personal phone calls you get when your table ships to emails. In the last 12 months, McClure Tables just started collecting service reviews. In the years past, they assumed they sold products and only collected product reviews. In the 12 months, snapshot picture below, we only had 2 4 star service reviews, and both were for accessories we sell for shuffleboard tables see image below.

To be transparent and open, we must admit we also had one three-star review for a can of silicone spray. See below

We realize most of our business comes from word of mouth. All of our reviews are from an independent service Feefo, and they have verified our customers. The review has to be from a customer who has made a purchase. With services such as Google page, anyone can post a review. We even had a short-term employee who was only with us for two weeks post a negative review on Google. So when you are shopping on the internet, check the source of the reviews. If the vendor, distributor, or manufacture is not using an independent service, be cautious. We have a carousel of recent shuffleboard table reviews below, and McClure Tables also post back directly on their website product pages specific to that model any reviews.

91 Service Reviews in 12 months 89 5-Star Shuffleboard Table Service Reviews

5 Star Shuffleboard Reviews

We want to thank all of our customers that have taken the time to rate our service or products, leaving us shuffleboard table reviews. Even if you are unhappy, we want to hear from you as our goal is to underpromise and over-deliver. McClure Tables team wants to thank all of our customers that have taken the time to rate our service or products. Even if you are unhappy, we want to hear from you as our goal is to underpromise and over-deliver. Owner Todd McClure likes to say, “We have customers so that we can build. We do not build to have customers.” That is why consumers can trust the quality and service from McClure Tables. McClure Shuffleboard tables are the most highly rated shuffleboard table online using independently verified service, making them the most trusted brand of shuffleboard tables available.

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  • Bob Brzak

    Love the table but one side is much faster then the other. Thinking about adjusting it up on one side to even it out. Is it supposed to be like that ??

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