Shipping Info for Shuffleboard Tables: Here’s the 411

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As an online, direct sale shop, shipping is incredibly important to McClure Tables. All of our custom tables come with free shipping. We also provide lift gate service when and where needed. Shuffleboard tables are a unique product from a shipping perspective. For this reason, all tables are carefully and expertly packed by the same master craftsmen who build them.

How We Pack for Shipping

On all but the shortest tables the playing surfaces and the cabinets are packed separately. They are then, however, shipped together.  The play board, the pucks slide down is hand crated. Even here, we use materials superior to those used on the actual tables of many of our competitors. We encourage you to use these materials for whatever side projects you might be working on.

The cabinet and peripherals are padded with form-fitting Styrofoam and packed into custom cardboard boxes.  We ship our table cabinets in boxes with the legs usually either packed with the table or strapped to the side of the cabinet boxes. We put the boxes for the cabinet on top of the long large wooden crate that we ship the table play-board in. This crate is well protected and strong. Often the most difficult part of the set up and install process is the unpacking.

It’s All in the Details

The lift gate service can be helpful. Still, for the longest tables the lift is not that useful. You can maneuver a crate on a fork truck type dolly. You lay it down. Then, using the handle and the end of the fork as fulcrums, the center wheels become your pivot point and you can easily roll a table up the driveway

Two men can handle the cabinet packing and packaging.Most of the assembly of the cabinet and legs is straight forward, like bolting on legs and putting two half’s together. See our installation instructions for more about how to set up a shuffleboard table.

We posted this mostly to show how we ship our tables but also to give you an idea of the care and pride we at McClure Tables put into every aspect of our business.

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