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When we say that we handcraft shuffleboard tables, it is not just a marketing statement. At McClure Tables factory, we employ a small but dedicated team of craftsmen who all take great pride in our workmanship and pay special attention to detail. These are some pictures of our shuffleboard tables in various stages of production. Perhaps you are Big Sky Billiards in Montana that still has an 18 foot Dakota Shuffleboard Table you need to install before Christmas. We should be able to ship on Friday and that is pretty darn good considering we just got in some more reclaimed barn wood on Monday. I personally processed the board so my workers could stay focused on other customers shuffleboard tables. I like to take various pictures in our factory of the work in process.

Dakota Shuffleboard LegsReclaimed Wood used for Shuffleboard Table Dakota

I have one customer who wants a Rock-Ola shuffleboard table for Christmas. We are just finish it up right now, you will see some pictures of Jerry doing the stain on the legs. My master carpenter is installing the glass diamond inlays right now. When you buy a shuffleboard table from McClure Tables chances are pretty good that owner Todd McClure personally had his hands in some part of the shuffleboard table production.

FIt Horse collar to Rails Rock Ola Shuffleboard Table Hand crafted

Rock-Ola Hand Crafted new shuffleboard table in final assembly

We proudly make all our shuffleboards by hand in American at out Grand Rapids, MI workshop. All of our shuffleboard tables are available through our web site. We ship nation wide and even have people who can deliver and install your shuffleboard table.

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