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At McClure Tables, handcrafting shuffleboard tables is what we do, and about once per year, we try to create a few new models or designs. Often the inspiration for a design or style can come from virtually anywhere. We have had clients who have sent us pictures of coffee tables or end tables they saw on a popular image site like Pinterest. We can take that picture and create a one of a kind shuffleboard table. We are handcrafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan, by master artisans who use locally harvested hardwoods like Michigan Hard Maple, Tulipwood, White Oak, American Black walnut, and more to create the cabinet and legs all in our shop.

We want to introduce to you three of our newest model shuffleboard tables for 2020. We hope you find one of these styles that will fit that perfect recreation room, Mancave, or Gameroom that you had in mind.

The Vicksburg Shuffleboard Table

We are combining both an industrial look with the rustic caricature of red oak combined with bronze powder-coated turnbuckles and metal angle iron corners. The Vicksburg Shuffleboard Table comes from 12 foot to 22-foot length models. We use two sets of legs on the 12 foot, and for the 14 foot to 18 foot, you will have three sets of legs, and then for the 20-22 foot size model, we use five sets of legs. You can choose from several wood finish colors medium oak, natural oak, or Gunmetal all look very nice on this model.

The Contempo Metal V Base 12-foot Shuffleboard Table

 The Contempo has always been one of our most popular models, and for this new design in 2020, we offer a 12-foot size with a V style metal powder-coated base. The cabinet on the Contempo shuffleboard table is made using select and better hard maple. The legs are a powder-coated black metal that looks good as shown in the black Opec finish but also would combine well with both the natural maple cabinet color or heirloom color. We custom make all shuffleboard tables in our woodshop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, using local artisans and locally harvested hardwoods.

Contempo V Base 12 foot Black Opec

The Eclipse 12 foot Shuffleboard Table

Our Eclipse shuffleboard table got inspiration from a dining table that we saw on a Pinterest page. We had another customer showed us a design that we did build for them the Limberg Shuffleboard model, but that was the first time we learned to bend wood to make the arched legs. The first time we made the Limberg, we had never bent timber before. On that same page, we saw a cool looking dining table, and that was all the inspiration that our craftsmen needed to dream up the Eclipse shuffleboard. We can only make this design in the 12-foot style because we do not feel it would look well with more than one base, and we can not get the lumber long enough for making anything longer.

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  • Mark Mellencamp

    This is fantastic! I love the design!

  • Gerald Walter

    We are going to purchase a 16′ table for our garage. nothing fancy for legs and cabinet, just want an excellent table for neighborhood tournaments!
    We are saving up now but if a good used one or something comes up for sale please contact us,

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