Shuffleboard Takes the World of Art and Fashion by Storm

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Shuffleboard isn’t just a game for the casual pub crowd, as the game has successfully made a splash in the worlds of art and high fashion.

At the annual Art Basel festival in Miami, Florida, the largest gathering of contemporary artists in North America, shuffleboard was a hit as one of the more popular activities enjoyed by visitors.

At the “Pop-Up” gallery organized by Harper’s Bazaar, models, and staff members presided over a game of floor shuffleboard that gave attendees prizes depending on their performance. Held over the weekend of December 8, Art Basel brought shuffleboard to a crowd who largely had never played the game before the event.

This isn’t the first time that shuffleboard has made a splash in the fashion world as one of the most successful supermodels of all time is a huge advocate for the addictive game.

Cindy Crawford posted on her Twitter account back in August of 2011 a picture of her enjoying her brand new shuffleboard table, calling it a “great family game.” The star, who graced the cover of every major fashion magazine during the ’80s and ’90s, is known to have a great competitive spirit and has tweeted about the game regularly.

The table used by Crawford and her family is a classic, traditional bar shuffleboard design not unlike our Prestige shuffleboard tables. With finished woods and a thoroughly waxed main alley, the table is the perfect design for true lovers of the game. It looks stylish and classic without sacrificing functionality.

Whether you are playing traditional table shuffleboard or playing the deck version of the game in Miami, know that you are in good company, as this game is enjoyed by some of the biggest fashionistas around.

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