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Story: An Old American Shuffleboard Table

A little while back, we received a request for a special type of reproduction of an American Vintage Shuffleboard table. Something a little out of the ordinary and a little nostalgic. Turns out it was right up our alley. Many of the shuffleboard tables we make are vintage Shuffleboard designs that would have been made in America in the late 40’s early 50’s.

The thing is, when we say “custom shuffleboard tables” we truly mean CUSTOM. If you can dream it, chances are we can craft it.

To help illustrate this point, we thought it would be best to let a happy customer do the talking.

We were looking to reproduce an old American Shuffleboard table from the 1950’s. The original table that we were trying to duplicate was located on Craigslist about 4 years ago at a bar in a small town, north of Seattle on the Canadian border. Five guys drove the 2 hours north, played on it all night and brought it back the next morning. The table now resides in a Mercer Island home, still plays great, perfect dimensions.

We searched the Mid-West for craftsman and landed on McClure tables in Grand Rapids. Todd was very patient, and exacting in understanding our requirements including dimensions, bumpers, table finish, etc. We wanted something that varied somewhat from the multiple options currently offered by McClure.
Several months later, Jim & Dan, who participated in building the table delivered and set it up in our cottage in Pentwater, Michigan. The table is furniture art… just beautiful, as well as great fun to play. It is exactly what we envisioned. We selected clear maple and natural walnut and the quality of the finish is extraordinary. The curved corners and laminated maple blocks were built with precision.

We are totally satisfied with our experience with McClure Tables, with Todd, and with his artisans.

Grand Rapids has a long and storied history of furniture design and manufacture and this seems to be another example.

-Rhodes Baker

McClure Tables love their customers and our customers love their tables we try to collect independent reviews and you can find customer feedback on this page here McClure Shuffleboard Reviews 

3 thoughts on “Story: An Old American Shuffleboard Table

  1. Terri McClure says:

    It’s a beautiful table! Good job, McClure tables!

  2. Rich Cochran says:

    How wide is the playing board? Looks extra wide? Beautiful table!

    1. Todd McClure says:

      That was about 29″ wide we don’t have it in our standard line but we can make one for you for about $8500

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