Table Shuffleboard: A Great Way to Break the Ice on a Valentine’s Day Date

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Although shuffleboard may not seem like the most romantic activity to partake in on Valentine’s Day, there’s something admirable about a couple who can let loose and have some fun during the holiday in favor of a serious – and not to mention expensive – dinner for two. Instead, challenge your Valentine to a fun game of table shuffleboard, either bringing them to a local bar for a few drinks and some bonding time, or simply hosting that special someone in your game room – either way, you won’t be breaking the bank.

If you have your significant other over to your house, you can have a truly intimate tournament that is more playful than competitive. The beauty of shuffleboard is that it is an easy way to build bonds, and if you guys play a fun game of knock-off, follow it up with a nice dinner once the two of you have worked up a good enough appetite, it will truly be a Valentine’s Day to remember.

If you don’t have a shuffleboard table, there are plenty of restaurants where you can have a romantic dinner and still challenge your date to do battle on the table. Although many people associate shuffleboard with dive bars, even top-of-the-line restaurants across the country offer fine dining and table shuffleboard all in one package. For example, we’ve done a review in the past of Portland Oregon’s Sunshine Tavern on the McClure Tables blog, which is considered one of the go-to trendy destinations in the incredibly hip city. Other establishments like this exist across the country that are fantastic for a romantic meal, especially if this is your first big Valentine’s with your date – a game of shuffleboard can really break the ice.

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