Shipping & Set Up

Hire an Expert to set up and install a Shuffleboard Table

What if Setting up a shuffleboard Table looks too difficult?

If you are not the do it yourself type and putting together your own shuffleboard table seems too difficult. You can add to your cart at check out the full service installation and setup. With this service McClure tables staff will arrange a local company to receive your shuffleboard table and then bring it out to the home and install the table. This does include removal of and disposal of the crate, boxes and packing material so with the additional cost comes added service. However you have some other alternatives you can use rather than the full service approach. Companies like two men and a truck can arrange for two or even up to three or four men to come out to the home and they charge by the hour. We do offer the service at checkout with the specific option for your Shuffleboard table choosen will be displayed at checkout, but you can see all the shuffleboard set up and install options here.

Does it take an expert to set up a shuffleboard table

Unless you live near Michigan or we happen to be in the area to arrange a factory installation finding shuffleboard experts is often a daunting task.

So it does not really require an expert and we have plenty of video’s on line and mostly as shown here what is required is enough people to do the heavy lifting. When it comes to shuffleboard tables McClure’s team can walk you through how to install a shuffleboard table.

Most of the companies who sell shuffleboard tables claim to be experts but they are much more familiar with games such as Pool table, foosball or air hockey. Shuffleboard table popularity for home game room and billiard table stores has just taken off in the last few years..  So where they think a play-board should be perfectly flat or even the cabinet of the table perfectly level for a shuffleboard table they would be mistaken.  A shuffleboard table has both a sway length wise and concave or curve to the play-board across the width. So you have a cupped board and technically want both sides of the table high. So honestly if you can find anyone to do the heavy lifting, they can bolt on legs, put together your cabinet and place the board inside. From this point on you can throw some pucks and adjust the table. See the handcrafted shuffleboard tables  you can purchase directly from the team at McClure Tables. If the task of installing a shuffleboard seems too difficult they can arrange for the installation of  your shuffleboard table.  Give us a call at 800-565-0977 if you have any questions or see some of our maintenance post here on how to adjust and level a shuffleboard table.

Shipping & Set Up

How to set up and install a Shuffleboard Table

How to set up a shuffleboard table

The first step of setting up a shuffleboard table is un-crate the board and carry the heavy play-field surface into the designated room. Installation of most Shuffleboard Table cabinets are pretty straight forward. Our 12 foot and 9 foot size cabinets are normally shipped in one piece with two legs. The longer shuffleboard cabinets have two half’s that will connect at the center leg. The most important consideration before setting up the shuffleboard is how to get the board into the room or home.

Do you have room to maneuver Play board?

Shuffleboard play-boards are 18″ shorter than cabinet. If the shuffleboard table is 14 foot long then the play board will be 12 foot 8″ long. McClure Tables play board is shipped in a crate as shown here in this post on the 411 of packing. You will need to be able to maneuver this play board with climate adjusters attached. If you order set up or installation service this does not include out of the ordinary situations like the one shown below with a crane to hoist the board through a window. These pictures were taken in Amsterdam in the Netherlands McClure Tables can even offer international shipping and installation. In some cases we will personally assist with the installation. Owner Todd McClure and his wife traveled to Netherlands and helped with this installation.









McClure offers other alternatives for elevators or tight spaces such as two piece play-boards shown below. We can also make 12 foot cabinets in two pieces to accommodate getting the shuffleboard into the room or space where it will be used.

All play-board’s are made as a one piece board at the time the order is placed. For a two piece play board a dowel system and tight joint connects the two halves together. If you need a two piece play board or even a two piece cabinet on a 9 foot or 12 foot model, you must order a custom made table and have these options added when McClure Tables builds your table.

Shuffleboard Table Installation for 2″ play-board.

Watch this first video of a Competitor II model installation, both tables have difficult room access. They are both down stairs, with one board carried down the stairs and around the corner. The other board was brought through the window. McClure no longer packs any of the play boards inside the cabinet. One exception is 9 foot models, we may pack the play board inside the cabinet box and ship on a pallet. Most tables however, ship on a crate and you can see this post about how tables are packed.

Competitor Shuffleboard Table Installation for 2″ play-board.

Liberty Shuffleboard Table Frame Installation

This video shows the shuffleboard table installation of the Liberty model shuffleboard cabinet. In this video you will find a helpful top on how to trim or cut the carpet on your McClure Shuffleboard Table.


Tricks to move a play-board or install into the cabinet.

Shuffleboard Table Tops are very heavy and you can use some tricks like the wheel dolly shown below, used to maneuver a play board. We use a taller dolly that we custom made that will lift a play board to a height easier to lift into the cabinet. With our custom dolly one person can manage a board. A two wheel hand truck can also be used however, the board will be much lower to the ground but, if you use the handle as one end and the lip of the shelf you could stack boxes on as the other end. Then a two wheel hand truck can function similar to photo below.

Shuffleboard Table Installation for 3″ play-board.

Pay attention in this video how we show moving the play board into the cradle. The trick is to roll the play board into the cabinet with the top down and the climate adjusters up. If you put a blanket or moving pad on the side and rest one half of the play board and one half on the cabinet side then roll over into place. When the board is standing on its side then remove the wrapping and blankets. Most shuffleboard table installation is straightforward and most do it yourself consumers, handymen or even local moving storage companies will have no problem setting up a shuffleboard table.

Stay tuned for more videos and helpful tips about shuffleboard table installation.

Shipping & Set Up

What to expect with free delivery of your new Shuffleboard Table.


What does free shipping on a shuffleboard  table include?

Included with every handcrafted McClure Shuffleboard Table is free curbside shipping. McClure Tables offers home delivery service for our shuffleboard table at check out. Prices vary by table model, size and end location of table (up or down stairs). All Shuffleboards 12 foot or shorter includes a lift gate service to assist getting the table off the truck. Inside delivery or labor to unload is not part of the free shipping service provided. This article what to expect explains how tables are packed and shipped just exactly what is involved to unload your shuffleboard table and how we pack them.

Shuffleboard table free shippingShuffleboard table shipping liftgate

Customer shuffleboard tables are shipped with LTL carriers, trucking terminology for (less than truckload). All handcrafted shuffleboard tables are shipped on semi-tractor trailer freight commercial carriers as shown here.

Will They Put my Shuffleboard Table in the Garage?

The service does not include inside delivery or putting the table in the garage. Customers are responsible to provide enough labor to remove the table from the truck.  See the picture below of a 22’ table crated, boxed and ready to ship. A larger table like this will not fit on the lift-gate, so lift gate service will not be added and we advise you have four or more people to unload. Below is a picture of a large table how the packing is done, you see the straps you can cut off and remove the two cabinet boxes that often have legs packed inside. Typical weight of a cabinet is 200 to 300 pounds the crate on the bottom is the heavy part. The playboard is packed inside the crate and net weight on a 20 foot to 22 foot board can be 450 to 500 pounds, the crate is about 250 pounds so total shipping weight on a 20 or 22 foot table can be 1200 pounds.

Shuffleboard table 22 foot packed

When do they deliver my new handcrafted shuffleboard?

The trucking companies or delivery service will contact you the day before delivery and set up an appointment. Normally this is an 4-8 hour window but the driver will usually call 1 hour in advance day of arrival. Once you have been notified the table is shipping, normal transit time is 5 to 7 days and shuffleboard table deliveries are scheduled Monday through Friday. The curb side delivery service included means the truck driver is responsible to get the table off of the truck and curb side. You must provide a least two or more people to help unload. If you have ordered installation service then normally the installers will receive the table and bring out to your home in their own trucks to set up and install.

What other options for delivery of my handcrafted shuffleboard?

 Free curbside delivery service does not include putting the table in your garage or bringing it in the home. In the video shown a truck driver helped both get the table off the truck and into the garage but it was not his responsibility. You can hire moving and storage companies or local handymen to assist or in some cases even receive the table and bring it out to your home to set up and install. McClure Tables staff can provide delivery and set up in most locations worldwide. Shuffleboard Tables are handcrafted in Michigan with pride and we carefully pack the shuffleboard tables so they arrive safely. Inspect the boxes and crate for any visible damage and call 800-565-0977 if you see anything unusual or of concern.





Shuffleboard Maintenance

How to Build a Shuffleboard Table: Installing Your McClure Table


When it comes to how to build a shuffleboard, no one knows better than McClure Tables. Since all our shuffleboard tables are handcrafted in our very own facility, we are able to be hands-on experts in every aspect of the shuffleboard process. That, of course, includes how to install a shuffleboard table into any room.

Shuffleboard tables are shipped out in a very specific way with the boards packed inside of their respective cabinets. In order to access the room, however, you may need to remove the board from the cabinet. Gently and carefully bring the cabinet to its side, unscrew the board (it’s only screwed down for shipping purposes) and then carefully remove it. Now you can bring the cabinet in separately for a simplified installation process.

A crucial thing to keep in mind is access to the room. How will you be able to build the shuffleboard table if you can’t get into the room? They can be difficult to maneuver and may require snaking around support beams or carrying down stairs. Have a plan in mind beforehand so that you are better prepared to navigate your shuffleboard table into and around its new home.

Installing the cabinet is pretty simple and straightforward. Pull the two halves together where the dowel pins are located with a tight joint connector. Turn the cabinet legs carefully on their side and bolt the pieces together. (Some models, such as The Competitor, have hidden bolts that bolt from the inside. They are not visible in order to create a clean and sleek look for the table.) Depending on the length of your shuffleboard table, you will have either two or three legs (longer tables require that center leg) to bolt on.

As far as how to build your shuffleboard table, once you have the cabinet installed you can also level the table as you install the legs. Since shuffleboard tables should have that certain sag in the center (you don’t want a completely level surface), here’s what you can do for that while building the cabinet of your shuffleboard table. Take the leg levelers on the center legs and screw those in all the way, then take the outside leg levelers and screw those down quite a bit.

At this point, your shuffleboard should be in the exact location you intend for it to stay. With the frame set up, you’re ready to get the board itself installed. Turn the table carefully onto its rightful side. If the cabinet is in two pieces, your table will come with a brass cover for the seam where the two halves meet. You should pre-drill the bottom of the brass cover because the hard maple on the cabinets can split and otherwise crack. At this point, you should do your final leveling and adjusting before bringing in the board itself. One tip to consider is that bringing the board in through a window might be easier than trying to get it in through the door or down the stairs.

All boards have climate adjusters installed and the board properly set at the factory so you shouldn’t have very much adjusting to do right off the bat. As time, the weather, and other factors set in, however, you will want to adjust the board accordingly. Set some pucks down into the cabinet to set the board on first, so that you can measure for location and adjust if necessary. Once you’ve done that, you can remove the pucks and let the board sit down into the cradle of the cabinet. The weight of the board itself lets it sit there comfortably.

For a visual component, you can also check out this video that describes how to build a shuffleboard. We’re installing the Competitor model in this particular video, but the directions should hold water no matter what model of shuffleboard table you choose.

Learning how to build a shuffleboard is not a difficult task, provided you have a plan to get the cabinet and board into the room and some help from at least one or two other people. Since there’s no rearing way back to take shots like you see in billiards, you don’t actually need a large amount of room around the table itself once you get it installed. Make sure to let it sit for a couple days so the climactic adjusters can settle, and then get to shufflin’!