Take Your Amatuer Skills and Bring Them to a Professional Arena

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Shuffleboard is much more than just a fun activity played in your basement with friends and family on a custom table. For members of the Table Shuffleboard Association (TSA) of America, there are strict rules, regulations and tournaments that dictate how the game is played and what the stakes are.

If you have been an avid player of shuffleboard, playing on your custom table in your basement gameroom or with friends at the local pub, you can take the fun pasttime and make it more than just a hobby.

The TSA accepts nominees to the associations ranks based on not just skill, but how honorably you play. Best of all, qualified members of this association can even partake in tournaments and championship series that take place all over the country against fellow shuffleboard enthusiasts.

The official length of the table that is used in competition for the TSA is 20 feet long, so if you are looking into purchasing a shuffleboard set of your own, this is the size to go with. The association has other rules and regulations that you can practice under to make sure you aren’t at a disadvantage when you meet a foe in competition.

A puck should weigh strictly 310 grams, with all of the weight displaced evenly throughout the 2.75 inch round puck. As well, the height should be no taller or shorter than 0.75 inches, meaning that the margin of error on these devices is very strict.

The TSA also asks that all members be honest, fun loving individuals who respect the game as much as they respect opponents. There’s no reason to not take your talents as a casual player and parlay them into professional competition.

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