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The Players Of The Shuffleboard Hall Of Fame Pt. 2


It’s time once again to hand out some words of praise to those great players out there who have distinguished themselves in the game of shuffleboard and have been accepted into the TSA shuffleboard hall of fame. This week we take a look at five more inductees, what they’ve accomplished and their time spent at the shuffleboard tables.

Tommy Workman (Inducted on November 5, 2010)

Tom was first introduced to the game way back in 1942 when he worked as a shoe shine boy. He would go from bar to bar, shining shoes and watching the players at the shuffleboard tables, and it sparked his passion. He played his first game in 1950 and was an almost instant star, taking long road trips just to take part in several tournaments. Tommy would continue to make a name for himself at the shuffleboard table, even after suffering his first stroke in 1975. He has been honored not only for his skill, but for the time he took after the stroke to introduce new players into the game.

David Williams Sr. (Inducted on December 29, 2002)

The only tragic part of David’s shuffleboard career is that some of it has been lost to the ages. A consistent player since the 1970’s David quickly made a name for himself early on in his career when he, unknowingly, defeated shuffleboard champion Glen Davidson at Ft. Worth, Texas. David would go on to make a name for himself as a great singles tournament player, winning 15 Singles titles over the years. His list of recorded wins stands incomplete, as it only contains what he and professional player Bill Melton can remember, but it is a remarkable list of achievements nonetheless.

Diana “Shy Di” Hagan (Inducted on December 29, 2002)

Diana wouldn’t begin plying her skill at the shuffleboard tables until 1985, where she was a bartender in Houston. Though she hadn’t been familiar with the game before then, she quickly picked it up, impressing the local big shots and making a name for herself as a great player. Though she at first found most players unwilling to partner with her, her skill and her dedication to the game quickly paved the way for her, taking her all the way to the shuffleboard hall of fame. Since then, Diana has become a major promoter of the game, opening it up for more women players and playing a major role in reviving the Houston gaming scene.

Don Valk (Inducted on November 3, 2006)

Don has made a name for himself, not only as a great shuffleboard player but also as a great supporter of the game. During his reign as a professional player and tournament manager, everyone could feel confident that any tournament held by Don would not only be well organized, but fair and impartial in its working. Don’s dedication to the shuffleboard tables was so great he went into debt starting the U.S. Open tournament back in 1986. The U.S. Open has since become one of the big names out there in tournaments, and Don has been a dedicated promoter of the game ever since.

Larry Creakbaum (Inducted on May 6, 2005)

Born into a rural farming family in Indiana, Larry began his shuffleboard career on Saturday afternoons after he and his father would go into town to sell the fruits of their labor. His career had a momentary hiccup when Indiana passed the law requiring all bar patrons to be 21 years old. Larry, who was only 12 at the time, wouldn’t be able to continue playing until years later. Larry’s tournament career didn’t start until around 1980, but since then he has been a regular, even putting a few four tournament win streaks under his belt, the first being in 1976. Even with his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease in 1999, Larry continues to be a prominent member in the shuffleboard community, with his hard work and dedication honored by the shuffleboard hall of fame.

Another week, another five great players. Keep an eye out for future installments in our shuffleboard hall of fame winners series!

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