The Story Behind the Name: An Interview with Todd McClure

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McClure Tables was founded when Todd McClure, and long-time industry expert, saw a gap in the market. There were many companies re-selling game tables through brick and mortar shops but the market was pointing toward a direct to consumer model via the internet. Todd wanted to offer the highest quality shuffleboard tables directly to customers. No middlemen, no upcharges, and no low-quality products. After 18 years in the billiard industry, Todd decided to open McClure tables.

We wanted to give a little insight into the man behind the name. So our blogging team forced Todd to relinquish some of his woodshop time to answer a few questions for us. Here are some of the best quotes from our interview and a little elaboration on the conversation that took place.

“I love serving customers, so Direct to Consumer seemed like the right way to go.”

Many other billiard and shuffleboard brands sell through distributors. This can limit the quality of products and service that customers receive. Todd likes to speak with his customers directly when they are inquiring about a shuffleboard table and placing an order. This ensures that McClure Tables builds a ton of extra value for their customers by offering suggestions and pointing out options that they may not have considered. Todd also loved the idea that he could oversee every aspect of shuffleboard quality.

“I saw the need for quality control from A to Z.”

From the North American Hard Maple that is selected for the wood, to the design, the playboard finish, and even assembly in your home or office, Todd is passionate about quality being as high as possible. His shuffleboards are some of the only ones made with Hard Maple and a Polyester finish. This ensures that Todd’s customers will be making shuffle memories for years and years. In fact, the game can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

“My favorite aspect of the shuffleboard game is the fact that anyone can play regardless of age or skill level. It’s a very equalizing sport.”

The simplicity of the rules and objectives certainly make shuffleboard a great way to entertain company or let your employees relax and take breaks in the office. In fact, Todd designs tables for a wide range of customers.

“The most rewarding part of what I do is when a customer comes to me and lets me custom design a shuffleboard for them. I collaborate with clients on anything from adding a custom logo to their table to matching the style of their existing furniture pieces.”

Many of the pieces that Todd sells today came from ideas that he sketched up for a client, like the Galt and the Malibu. However, Todd is always looking for inspiration. Sometimes it comes from unique furniture pieces that he comes across and other times it is stories that inspire him. When a historic bourbon distillery collapsed in 2018, he purchased some of the wood and created a rustic shuffleboard design to preserve some of the history.

Todd has now been in the billiard industry from 41 years and is as inspired as ever. He continues to add new models and designs to his repertoire while working with clients to design their perfect shuffleboard.

In conclusion, we’ll say this… Todd talks like this all the time. He is always focused on the importance of wood quality and craftsmanship when speaking with his staff and potential customers on the phone. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he lives and breathes this stuff. It’s that kind of passion, we think, that translates into some of the best quality shuffleboard tables in the market.

Todd McClure (left) and his father (right)

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  • Ryan P McClure

    Good evening McClures!

    I am looking to purchase a table in the next year or so and want to know if you could make your logo larger and down the center of the table. If so, please let me know the added cost for this.

    ~Ryan P. McClure

    • Todd McClure

      Hi Ryan

      Our logo is branded it is about 9″ tall we can not brand much larger than that, we can do a custom vinyl decal.

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