The Ultimate Glossary of Shuffleboard Terms

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Whether you choose to use table shuffleboard table terms or not is your decision, but you do have to be able understand what the person you’re playing against is saying. Hanger? Hammer? Go around? What are they talking about even? Stick with us, use this guide to decipher your opponents every move and stay on top of your shuffleboard battle.

Foul Line

The line in the middle of the table is considered the foul line; if one of your pucks doesn’t make it past then you have to remove it from the table. Some people have rules for things you have to do if you don’t make it past this line, but we like a good, clean game of table shuffleboard.

ShuffleboardTermsScore Zone

The object of the game is to get your puck across the shuffleboard table and land in one of the three score zones by any means necessary. Get your pucks further than your opponent’s last puck and you will receive one, two or three points based on where your game piece stops.



As one of the most basic shuffleboard terms, frames are the traditional name for the smaller sections of games. After a frame is done, the player that went second the last round is now the person that goes first. Unlike bowling, there can be unlimited rounds of frames in a game.

ShuffleboardTerms2Go Around

OK, maybe your not a shuffleboard table master, but even beginners can pull off the ole go around. This is where your puck curves around another puck and sets you up in a better scoring position. Some suggest using your thumb to shoot the puck for a better change, but it’s best to figure out what works for your style of play.


So you’re the person with the last puck of the round. In shuffleboard terms, that’s the hammer shot. There is no exact reason why it’s called that, other than the fact that you can destroy your opponent’s chance at winning any points.


What’s the ultimate goal of being a shuffleboard table commander? It’s to win. How do you win? Get hangers. Getting to the three-point score zone is great, but if you can get your puck to hang over the table’s edge, you’ll get four points. Try to learn the speed of the table in your initial throws and then work to get the right speed for a hanger as the game progresses.


Go Around Hanger

One go around + one hanger = Four points and an amazing shot. Curve your shuffleboard puck and send it straight to the final score zone for an incredible shot and to make your opponent look like a fool.


ShuffleboardTerms3Riding The Rail

You can do a lot of damage when it comes to this shuffleboard term. In an effort to knock off as many pucks as possible, slide your puck along the edge of the table and “ride the rail.” Whether you’re doing it for defensive or offensive reasons, take your shot when you see it and win the frame.


Black Numbers

In the world of traditional shuffleboard terms, this is a straight-up, classic game with normal scoring.

Red Numbers

If you’re playing with someone who, for a lack of a better phrase, “isn’t going pro anytime soon,” play a game with red numbers. This is where one side is handicapped to give them an actual chance at beating the reigning champ.

Using this jargon doesn’t guarantee you a win on the shuffleboard table, but it sure doesn’t hurt to get more involved in the game. Who knows? You learn a few words, pick up some new trick and, the next thing you know, you’re dominating the competition.

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